2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Take Another Bite

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2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Take Another BiteI’ve just received the medical results of a loved one, and it’s got me doing the tango. This health scare served as a reminder of how important it is to treat your body with love and to feed it quality nutritious food.  Here’s why.

Heart disease, obesity, metabolic disease, diabetes and cancer are some of the major diseases that cause havoc in people’s lives, yet these diseases are for the most part preventable and often reversible through lifestyle factors.  There are many factors that affect health, but diet and exercise are the building blocks upon which health and wellness are based.

A Few Examples

A low sodium (salt) diet combined with exercise and, in some cases, weight loss can lower a person’s blood pressure levels.

Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled or reversed by following a diet rich in quality foods (vegetables, beans, lentils and nuts) that stabilize blood sugar levels.  Of course exercise and weight loss also have a beneficial role.

Limiting consumption of foods high in saturated fats (butter, cheese, meat) can reduce total Triglycerides’ and result in a lower risk of heart disease.

How do diet and exercise affect you?  Remember a time when you were in a slump, maybe you’ve had a couch potato episode where you were affixed to the TV or your favorite gadget and stuffed your face with chips, chocolate, cookies and other fast or processed food. How did you feel in your body, and mind?  Did you have tons of energy? Did you feel proud of yourself?

Now think of a time when you were taking charge of your life when you made an effort to eat better (more fruits and vegetables, less junk and processed foods) to get some regular exercise.  How did you feel then?  Did you have more or less energy than during the couch potato time? How about your emotions?

I dare say you don’t need a research article to tell you you’ll feel better when you eat well and exercise on a regular basis. All you have to do is tune into you and you’ll find this to be true.

When you eat well and exercise you feel better, but here’s the added bonus.  You’re also healthier and when you’re healthier you have more energy, you cope with stress better, you fend off disease better, rebound from illness quicker and ultimately live longer happier lives.

Happier because when energy levels are high and health is good you’re more apt to socialize, and have a better outlook on life, there are of course many other things you do when you’re feeling good – smiling comes immediately to mind.

Coming full circle

It’s important to treat your body with love and to feed yourself with quality nutritious food because what you eat impacts not only on yourself but also on those you love.

A loved one diagnosed with high blood pressure (BP) may be limited in what activities they can do and if the BP reading is high enough they may be on medications – medications aren’t without their own risks. This is one example, but I’m sure you’ve known someone who’s left this world prematurely or who’s undergone chemo for treatment of cancer or had heart surgery to replace the clogged arteries that resulted from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Your Daily Choices

Each day you eat healthy, each bite of food you take that’s less processed, is a step in the right direction.  So, before you put food in your mouth stop and ask yourself these two questions:

  1.  Does this food serve me or appease me?
  2.  How will it affect my loved ones?

We all have the right to choose.  For a healthier you make most of your bites conscious choices, you and your loved ones will be happier thanks to your good health.

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