4 Reasons to Pack Leftovers For Lunch

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This morning Vic and I were a little slow getting going after our late night out. Thankfully, when I looked in the fridge I found left over lasagne, roast chicken and salad.  Perfect, I thought, saved from having to eat out for lunch.

Leftovers for lunch are easy, convenient and often healthier than eating out.  I know many people go out for lunch every day, but I learned a long time ago that home cooked food often tastes better and is far cheaper than restaurant food.

One of the benefits of home cooking is that you can prepare a little extra and the leftovers can double as a packed lunch.  If you are really organized you can pack the food into individual lunch size containers and freeze it for the next week, but if you’re like me just pack it away and dish out your lunch the next day.

A lot of people think that leftovers aren’t safe to eat, well that’s just not true.  Providing the food is stored in air tight containers in the fridge it is safe to eat for two or three days. Meaning, your lunch doesn’t have to be what you had for dinner last night.

Today, I had lasagna with a side salad, while Vic opted for roasted chicken sandwiches with lettuce, tomato and cheese.

It was really delicious, as leftovers often are; somehow the flavours get better after the foods been stored, in the fridge.

Four reasons we’re happy to pack leftovers for lunch are.

  1. We can choose something we like from what’s stored in the fridge.  Some days we eat the same foods and some days we different, as in today.
  2. Leftovers are cheap, it costs just a few cents more to increase the portions when cooking whereas eating out will cost at least 5 dollars – 5×5 = 25 week.  Who doesn’t love a cost-saving.
  3. It’s really quick and easy. The mornings are crazy enough without having to ponder what to take for lunch, just a quick look and a redistribution of food from larger to smaller containers or a making of a sandwich and that’s it.  Add some fruit and you have a healthy lunch.
  4. Eating leftovers, as opposed to throwing them away, is better for the environment. By eating leftovers we are reducing our impact on the global food supply.  Waste not want not as my mother always told me.

I invite you to try leftovers for lunch; you,your pocket book and the world will all benefit.

If you have any healthy leftover lunch suggestions that you’d like to share, I would invite you to please add a comment below.  Everybody likes to eat differently and we can all gain from others suggestions. So let me know your thoughts or please share this post.

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