5 Steps to A Healthy Waistline

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It’s tough to lose weight and keep it off. That’s why it’s better for our waistlines and our health if we can take action to prevent our belt size and weight from creeping up.

My water polo coach said, “A strong defence, is your best offence”.  His focus was on protecting our abdominals from hard kicks and winning the game, but his strategy is relevant in the game of health and maintaining a healthy weight, too.

When water polo came to an end in my early 20’s something strange happened to me.   I went playing a being fit and active with no limitation on what I ate – to being a night time couch potato with a sedentary job and a boyfriend that liked to watch movies and drink beer.

Can you guess what happened?   I gained weight and became body conscious or more accurately self-conscious of my body.  Then, a funny thing happened, as the relationship started to cool I sought relationship advice from popular women magazines and these were full of weight loss guidance.  The more I read, the more I came to believe I had to be “sexy” to be desirable. 

And what was sexy?   26-36-26 of course.   

I don’t know about you, but with my genetic build, no amount of dieting was going to get me to that perfect image of what a woman should be.  Still, I rejected logic and dove into my first prescribed weight loss eating plan.  I was high on hope and eager to lose the weight and become sexy! 

It was one of those crazy starvation cleanses where you only drink hot water with lemon, a bit of honey and cayenne pepper for days on end.  It was horrible!  

Starvation morphed my personality, and I became a bear.  Sure, I lost the weight, my boyfriend took me clothes shopping, and yes I felt sexy, temporarily.

I’d starved my body to lose weight.  I lost more than fat.  Muscle was lost too and because I didn’t change my lifestyle I was now skinny and flabby, or so I thought.  In hopes of keeping the weight off, I chose to eat less, I did everything the magazines told me to do.  So you can imagine my shock when I gained all the weight back and a little more.   Has this ever happened to you?

The question is, if a diet and the resultant weight loss aren’t sustainable why would we put ourselves through all the grief?  I’ve never heard anyone say they diet to test their willpower. But, isn’t that what most “diets” do?  Mine surely did.  And aren’t some of the fad diets are so bizarre?

Then, when the weight reappears as it often does….self-depreciating words slide off the tongue, not about others, but about ourselves. Ouch!!

I learnt a few things from my fad diet experience.

  1. It worked, if I stayed on it
  2. Starvation sucks
  3. Gaining the weight back is hard on the ego, self-worth, and the pocket book.

Have you ever lost and gained weight and then spoken harsh words about yourself?  The real problem with fad diets is not that they’re unsustainable in the long term, or that they negatively impact metabolism and nutrient profiles, etc. It’s the internal damage we inflict on ourselves with our self-deprecating words.


Thankfully, healthier ways do exist that require no willpower, or self-slander and yet DO help us to create a healthy, active, energised, sexy body and mind.

I’ve learnt, Sexy comes from within.  For me, it’s an awareness of my strength and ability to make daily decisions that help me grow in both the mental and physical realm.

To say goodbye to dieting, and eat foods that keep inflammation down and energy high, I don’t prescribe nor subscribe to any particular style of eating.  Instead, I live by and recommend daily habits for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy digestive system which will help you achieve the waistline of your dreams.

My top 5 Tips to A Healthy Waistline are:

  1. Eat
  2. Chew
  3. Move
  4. HITT High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) 2-3 time a week
  5. Leave excess baggage at the door.

You can have the life and body you desire by employing these strategies.  I know life can be hard, busy and time restricted, but let’s face it we make time for our children, our partners, our parents…. maybe it’s time to make time for ourselves and choose to live by the tenants of a healthy lifestyle.

Decide to build these daily habits into your life.  If you do them consistently while eating a balanced diet your waistline will lose its power to control your thoughts,  it will accentuate your bedroom and your opinion of yourself.

The power to take control, to feel and look good inside and out rests with you.

This defensive strategy is part of a healthy lifestyle.  It’s guilt free and 100% sustainable and it’s hands down a better way than starvation or harsh words. What do you think? Are you game to give it a try?

Leave a comment to let me know.



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