5 Tips to Stay Positive and in Control of Your Life

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Control your own life. Wow, that’s a powerful concept.  Being in control means you take responsibility for your thoughts, your food behaviors, your health, your happiness, and your finances.

The way I see it, we can be responsible for our lives and take positive actions such as eating well, spending time with loved ones, updating our education, or saving money – all/any of these will help us be healthy and happy.  Or, we can be negative, make excuses and blame others for what our lives become.

Oh.. if only we could all be an ultra positive, high energy and full of positive energy action Gals and Guys.  Imagine what we could do and how we’d feel.

In truth my life ebbs and flows between strength and positive action; and negative, poor me actions and feelings.  I’m naturally a pessimist so it  took some effort to become a positive being.  Here are a few things I did along the way, and still do, to help me stay positive and in control of my life.

5 Tips to stay positive and in control of your life

1.     Use your voice. Learn to speak up or out.  When something is bothering you or when someone fails to treat you, as they should – it’s ok to say what’s on your mind.  Of course it depends on how you say it but if you use your voice and assert yourself you’ll gain strength, confidence and respect.

Have you ever sat in a class, meeting or group and wanted to ask a question or voice an opinion but didn’t because you thought what if…….

Finding your voice is a very powerful.  It allows you to defend yourself, to put your opinion forward and let’s people know you exist.  This is ‘very’ important especially in the work place.

2.     Know what you really want – Do you know?  I didn’t and I’ve spent a lot of time figuring it out.  I’ve done so by asking myself  life questions. To understand your values and deepest desires -ask yourself questions.  You might think this is stuff one would know about oneself.  I didn’t, I had to ask.

If your answers are not your current reality, that’s ok, don’t sweat it.  Once you know what you want or at least have an inkling of it you’ll start to make decisions to take you there.  Maybe you’ll take a night class, start cooking, or start painting who knows?  You will.

3.     Say No – When you know what you want it’s easier to commit your time to things that will take you there. It’s not that there are more hours in a day, it’s that you can say NO to activities that don’t serve your purpose.  Examples:  Lunch with a so-called friend that sucks your energy dry, the burger and fries that make you feel sick afterwards, after work drinks when you want to save money for an incredible holiday.

We have limited time, 24 hours a day, why waste it, follow your own path not others.  There’re so many ways to use our time and money, that can benefit others and us not just in the moment, but in the long run.  Use your time and money wisely.  You’re worth it.

4.     Take steps to getting what you want – This can be tricky, to know what you want and how to get there are, in my experience, two very different things. I manage activities by day, week, month etc.  For example, on payday I transfer 20 % of my salary to an account that I can’t access.  I do it on payday to avoid my own excuses of something I need. We juice in the morning to get our vegetables get it out of the way so it doesn’t take up mental energy

Focus on what you need to do today, concentrate, and get it done.  No excuses.  Just do it.  Leave e-mail, the phone and any other distraction until you accomplish it.

5.     Don’t worry about the how, just start, enroll, learn, move forward – This was a big one for me.  I knew how I wanted to feel and where I wanted to go, relatively that is, next step was to find the way there. I figured it out because I knew where I want to go.

It seems like the chicken and the egg, which comes first knowing where or knowing how.

For me it’s been just do it and the rest will come.  For example, I want to write a book. I didn’t know how to do it so I started a blog, then I published an e-book. Ok it’s not a book, but I had no idea how to start a blog or publish an e-book – so far it’s worked out. I keep going knowing I’ll figure it out.  I ‘just’ have to trust in the process, stay focused, and believe in myself.

We all have the ability to choose – it requires mental strength and determination.  But ‘strength breeds strength’ and that’s fantastic.

Your health and happiness are in your own capable hands. What will you choose?

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