5 Ways to Love Your Body Today

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love-your-bodyYou should love your body. I am sure you have heard this before. If nowhere else, you probably read it on the cover of a magazine while standing in line at the grocery store.

Love your body. It is a simple statement, but accomplishing it is not so easy. Being surrounded by magazines, we have unrealistic ideas of what a healthy body should look like. Living a fast-paced life, eating junk food and relying on technology, we are incredibly out of tune with our bodies and nature.

Often, we don’t even think about our bodies. When we do think about them, it is usually something negative: our butt is too big, our stomach hurts from eating too much, our skin is covered with pimples, etc. Judgments, complaints and negative feelings. But we really should start loving our bodies.


Just think about it: your body is the home of your mind and your soul. Without your body, you would have nowhere to live. Your body is your best friend that follows you everywhere. Even with its pains, it is just trying to protect you and give you information about how to start leading a better life. If you start loving and taking care of your body, it is capable of true healing and magical transformation.

Loving your body is important. Loving your body is a complex issue. It is physical, emotional and spiritual at the same time. It is about acceptance, respect, compassion and care.

“That sounds nice,” you may say, but you may wonder, “How should I love my body?” Here are just a few ways to start loving your body:

Nourish it with good food. Proper whole foods nutrition is crucial to heal ailments and keep your body healthy and functioning. You will also gain energy, mental clarity, happiness and freedom by eating right.

Listen to your body. It is always sending you important messages. If your body is hurting, consider reasons for the pain and make changes accordingly. If your body needs sleep or rest, give it to it. If it craves exercise, go outside, play and move. Honor and respect the messages of your body.

Throw away the scale. Seriously. It is very liberating. Your body is not a number. You are not a number. There are better ways to measure health than going by the number on the scale…such as energy, vitality and happiness (or vitamin levels, for example, if you want to get medical).

Get to know your body. I am not talking about masturbation here, though that is not a bad way either. But really, discover your body physically and emotionally. Have a conversation with it. Apologize for mistreating it and thank it for protecting you. Develop a physical and emotional connection with your body as you would with a friend.

Create affirmations. “I love and respect my body. I am grateful for my body for protecting me and giving me a home. I honor my body by treating it right.” Repeat these affirmations daily.

Hopefully, these ideas will set you on your way to accepting and loving your body. Stick with it, and you’ll be amazed by the positive impact!

kat-gal-coachKat Gál is a holistic health and happiness coach whose life purpose is to empower others to dare to live a happy and healthy life inside and out. Her mission is to guide clients as they feed body and soul in order to heal ailments, chronic pain and emotional issues while living the life of their dreams. A lover of running, traveling and nature, Kat believes in the power of plant-based foods, unconditional love and positive thinking. You can follow Kat via her new website, blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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