A Healthier Lifestyle: One Action at a Time

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A Healthier Lifestyle: One Action at a TimeHaving a healthier lifestyle by eating well, being kinder to yourself and others, managing stress levels and exercising is 100% possible and it starts with one action. And I’m not talking about a massive, hard or time gobbling action.

I’d also say it’s common knowledge that we’d feel better and reduce our risk of developing lifestyle diseases if we could just adopt ahealthier eating plan, manage stress levels, increase levels of physical activity and find more down time.

Research shows people sincerely want to be healthier and have great intentions to put into play healthy lifestyle actions. But, research also shows, moving from intention to action, for most people, is problematic.

So, I have a question for you.

Are you living a healthy lifestyle? If not, what are your limitations? Maybe you lack the time and/or energy -physical or mental. If these resonate with you you’re not alone. I totally get it. I know you’re busy, as a working mother of 3, I understand the unrelenting to do list, feeling like you need to be in 10 places at once and life’s challenges.

But let me assure you, from personal experience, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult, time consuming, physically taxing or expensive. Indeed, a healthy lifestyle is easier than most people think, especially when you take it one step/action at a time.

I recommend you avoid the common approach of setting unrealistic expectations and grandiose exercise or diet regimes.  These are a recipe for physiological pain, mental torture and setting yourself up to fail.

Make a commitment to you – Instead, set yourself up to win, to feel great and to succeed by committing to one healthy lifestyle action.   Sound good?  Great.

I suggest you start with a commitment to eat a balanced diet. I recommend this because minor dietary changes lead to major health benefits that you can see and feel.  That’s what I call a win-win situation.

How to eat a balanced diet – If you’re new to the concept of a balanced diet don’t worry-  You can download a free e-book on this topic, just complete the form on the sidebar of this webpage. A balanced diet involves eating less processed foods, a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and eating in moderation (portion control). It doesn’t mean you have to live on carrot sticks, deprive yourself or starve yourself.

Here are some balanced diet eating options:

  • Start the day with breakfast
  •  Swap a soda for a glass of water, or fries for a baked potato
  • Eat an apple a day instead of a chocolate bar,
  • Pack nuts, fresh fruit or vegetables for an afternoon snack,
  • Eat one extra fruit and vegetable a day,
  • Cook a meal,
  • Pass on a second (or third) helping of dinner,
  • Instead of snacking in front on the TV, shut it off and have a bath.

Feel free to use these suggestions or be creative and come up with your own.

Eating a balanced diet helps to boosts energy levels, lower cholesterol levels and improve overall nutritional status.  These are all win-win bonuses.

Start with one action – Trust me, resist the temptation to make massive changes overnight.  Set yourself up for success. Choose one action and do it. You’ll feel great because you did it and you’ll have the added benefit of improved health and vitality.

Over time, you can add other healthy lifestyle actions to your day.  By incrementally adjusting your behaviors you’ll successfully move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Put your limitations aside and give it a try; do it today, choose one healthier action and do it.  Do it for you, you’re worth it and so is your health.

I hope you enjoy your journey to health and happiness.  If you like this post please like and share it on social networks.

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