A Healthy Start: Breakfast Juicing

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A Healthy Start: Breakfast JuiceThe ‘My Plate campaignencourage us to assess our meals with our eyes and recommends our plate, at each meal, be half full of fruits and vegetables (¼ fruits and ¼ vegetables). If you, like me, grew up eating cereal, toast and the odd glass of juice or no breakfast then this ½ plate breakfast concept seems crazy at best and impossible at worst.

Yet, eating more fruits and vegetables is so important to health. I call them the diamonds, the crème de la crème, of the food groups. Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and when eaten in the right quantities help to improve our nutritional status, stave off disease and quicken our recovery from illness.

If we could meet the guidelines and fill ½ our plates with fruits and vegetables most of us would feel the benefits including having more energy and vitality, feeler full longer, improved immunity etc.

As a mother of 3, I want my family to eat well, to be healthy and free of disease. But when I put a plate of fruits and vegetables before my blurry-eyed children they look at me, like I have 10 heads, and push it away. They’d rather go hungry than have vegetables for breakfast.

Enter Juicing

They like fruit so I thought, let’s juice the fruits with the vegetables and see if that works – it did, they drank it.  Yipee!!!  It took a little coaxing, but once they tried the juice they quite enjoyed it.

juicing beet carrots and applesJuicing is now part of our morning ritual. This morning we had beet, apple and carrot juice, that’s the photo of it above.  It was fantastic, the kids loved it and I was happy knowing it was loaded with all kinds of good stuff like Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Phytochemicals and Anti-oxidants. If you don’t know what these are don’t sweat it.

For juicing you don’t have to know the nutrient composition of the foods. Just mix it all together and enjoy.  I’ve found there are no rules, just mix and match your fruits and vegetables to come up with a mixture you like.  Here are a few tips to consider in your juicing:

  • Watch the colors you mix.  Like painting mixing red beets and green spinach gives a brown juice.  We eat with our eyes so you might have a hard time getting this past your lips.
  • Carrots, apples, and pears add sweetness to the juice.
  • Cucumbers, orange sweet potatoes and zucchini have high moisture content and are great to use to increase the volume and nutrient content.
  • If you’re watching your sugar consumption or are a diabetic make vegetable juice if you need a little sweetness add half an apple.

That’s about it; juicing is a safe and effective way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake as part of a balanced diet.

Here’s to energy, vitality and healthy start.  Bottoms up!  I hope you try this healthy breakfast juice as a healthy way to start the day.

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Till next time, enjoy life and your health both are precious.


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One thought on “A Healthy Start: Breakfast Juicing

  1. I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed your ‘juicing’ while you were here in Canada. It is a great way to get all those vitamins and minerals we all need. Keep juicing!!

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