A New Way of Looking at Why You Should Get Out of Bed.

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Do you jump out of bed excited about your day or do you pull the cover over your head and hit the alarm 10 times?  Most of us alternate between the two states or at least have the odd day where we’d rather just not do what’s on our daily calendar. Fast or slow out of bed, it’s your reason for getting up that we’re talking about today.

What do you need to accomplish today?  Motivation to get up and out, of our warm beds, stems from our thoughts on what we have to accomplish (today, tomorrow and in the future). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs postulates that our actions are driven by needs starting at basic physiological needs followed by Safety; Love/Belonging; Esteem.  Once these are realized we advance to self-actualization.   Heavy stuff, but what does it all mean?

Depending on your life stage (a student, working or retired) and where you are in Maslow’s hierarchy you’ll need to get up to pay the TV bill; get to class on time; find a job; strive for a promotion; get the kids breakfast; or care for a loved one. But  is that really why you get up – to pay the bills, get to class…?

H**L no, that money is best left in the bank or used to fund an incredible holiday.

Your WHY drives you out of bed. You pay the TV bill because your favorite show is on tonight and really want to watch it. Why? Because it’s funny, it makes you laugh and feel good.  You part with your money. Why?  To feel good.

What does feeling good have to do with meeting your goals? Let’s flip it all upside down.  Instead of setting our goals like I want to lose weight so I can look great in that dress, or on the beach or whatever it might be.  What if we started to identify the emotions we need in our lives.

I use the word need, because needs are something we must have. Wants are things it would be nice to have like a new car or a ski trip, but if we don’t get them it’s not the end of the world.  As a woman with many questions about what I want, I find when I focus on the emotions, I need to feel fulfilled and happy, the days are more enticing.

By speaking about emotions, as must haves, it increases our desire to acquire them and therefore our likelihood of success.

What are some emotions you need to feel? Here are some emotions that might resonate with you depending on your view on what you need to feel in life.

  • Excited
  • Contented
  • Joyful
  • Accomplished
  • Fulfilled
  • Courageous

Examples of Goals and Emotions

Goal   Emotion
Healthy Fit Contented
Good job Successful Fulfilled
University degree Achievement Accomplished
Travel Adventure Excited

I’ve left the middle column blank because these terms are not emotions. Personal experience tells us we can be fit but not contented, or successful but not fulfilled.

Media likes to link money and successes as the keys to our happiness, they are not. They help, but real success comes from knowing and attaining the emotions we want in our lives.

By working backwards from emotions to goals your wants and needs will be in sync resulting in clarity, less self-talk and more spring to your step. The morning couldn’t be anything but brighter.

What emotions do you seek in your life?

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