Allison Tuffs

Hi, I’m Allison.  I’m the How-to-Gal for health living to quite inflammation and boost your energy levels without giving up delicious food or living in the land of deprivation.  How did I come to share this knowledge with others just like you? Feel free to read my story to discover the answer.

Just 18 months ago, I laid in a hospital bed recovering from a carotid artery aneurysm wondering where I’d gone wrong.  This definately wasn’t the life I envisioned for myself and slowly it dawned on me.  My diet and high stress lifestyle, not to mention the stress of my daughter’s death, had almost destroyed me.

For years I’d excused the signs of deteriorating health, the slow weight gain, achy joints, migraine headaches, low energy and difficulty remembering things, and put them down to age. I was after all 48 and though this seemed abnormal the doctor’s said it was part of the aging process.  I could no longer accept this.

I drew a line in the sand and said, “The buck stops here Allison, figure this out before it’s too late”. In the moment, I took control of my life and over the coming months became intimately acquainted with my food, my body and my kitchen.

Step by step, I used the knowledge acquired from my Master and Bachelor of Science in Nutrition to get to the root of my health problems.  I asked for the right tests,  interpret the results and took corrective action.  I accepted full responsibility for my health, my body and my happiness and was rewarded with health and vitality.

At 51 I’m in better health and physical shape than I’ve been in 30 years.   With high energy and a fully functioning memory I’m thankful to be living a pain free productive life. Part of the transformation was dietary the other part with lifestyle related.  It was a process, but with each step I became stronger, healthier and more confident of my ability to help not only myself but others by sharing my story.

My belief and conviction lead me to swapped my day job for helping others navigate the waters of diet and lifestyle transformation.  Everyday, I’m grateful I did.  Everyday, I’ve grateful for my health and the ability to share how to live with more energy and health without giving up the foods you love.

If your body is screaming at you, I encourage you to listen and take corrective action sooner than later.  I want a happy ending for you and your family.

Be your own best health and lifestyle advocate 

These pages share evidence-based nutrition, recipes and lifestyle tips to put you in the driver seat of your health.  You’ll also find tips to help you get back on track for those times when you just can’t seem to do what you need to.  Oh and don’t feel bad,  I’m a highly educated nutrition professional and it took a life changing moment for me to sit up and pay attention to what I was putting in my mouth and how my body was reacting.

No one is perfect in this arena.  But, even with slips, I got my health and my happiness back and you can too.


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Above I made reference to my daughter’s death.  Here I share the story of her passing and the hard lessons learnt.


Wake Up! I yelled at myself. This is a bad dream, it’s not real, this isn’t happening.

Except it did and it changed my life, my health and my values forever.

That day was May 28th, 2009. It was my brother’s 47th birthday, and the day my daughter, Kateryna, died. She was 4 months and one week old.

Just days earlier, Kateryna had undergone surgery to repair a congenital heart defect. The surgery went well. Yet she died from pleurisy, inflammation of the lining of the lung.

I didn’t understand, they hadn’t lost a kid to this surgery over 10 years. What happened? What did heart surgery have to do with her lung?

Lesson: Always listen to and follow YOUR gut instinct

The day before her surgery, I told the doctor I thought she might be getting a cold. He said, in a very unpleasant tone, “Shhh, those are nasty words around here.” The way he spoke to me made me feel about two feet tall. I fell silent, a good girl. Not challenging his medical authority. That decision, to be silenced, cost me dearly.

Lesson:  Hindsight is 20/20.

The doctor explained the chest infection had resulted from a cold she had going into the surgery. They knew! Before the surgery, they knew and so did I.

I had just one question. Why did they proceed?

“Because we’ve seen it before and it’s been ok.”

In that blurry-eyed moment, it hit me her likelihood for good surgical outcome was based on statistics, not on an actual assessment of her physical state of being at the time. In that moment of disbelief I decided

Lesson:  I would never allow anyone to make me feel small EVER and I would NEVER be silenced, a statistic.

Everyone has life changing moments. I’m no different. It’s what we learn in surviving those moments that profoundly impacts on our long-term health and happiness.

That day, I learned I must advocate, that I/we must have a voice.

Have you ever felt put down or quieted? As if your voice, if heard, might have saved you or someone you love from pain and suffering? How has this quieting and loss of voice affected your life?


Grief, I had no skills here. I coped the best I could, but in personally damaging ways. Instead of expressing my feelings, I bottled them. I didn’t voice my anger, I never told anyone that I blamed myself. That I wondered day and night, if I would have just challenged the doctor, would my daughter still be here with us.

This mental assault began to play out in my health. My body screamed at me trying to get my attention. I ignored all the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue and I spiraled down until…’re read the rest of the story above.

I share this here because the lessons I learnt may help you or someone you love from being a victim of silence.