Bachelors Balanced Diet

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Hi, I’m back again, giving Allison a short break from the keyboard. Anyway – it’s time for me to do another article – having endured somewhat of a chiding from Allison after my last ‘pizza and beer is a balanced diet’ comment. Well, isn’t it?! In my defense – I would just like to say that it’s an improvement on my previous balanced diet which consisted of a block of cheese, stick of salami…and beer. The BBD! Bachelors Balanced Diet.

Really though, I have been very diligent, taking in all of Allison’s information to try and formulate a healthy food intake for myself. Mostly, I have been focusing on increasing my daily dietary fiber, which can be challenging given that the majority of today’s food has had the dietary fiber processed out. I was mortified to discover that the BBD does not contain any dietary fiber!! It’s an Outrage!! But, nevertheless, I persist – It’s worth it.

I have learnt that there is no magical formula, no 10 perfect foods or 5 steps to the perfect butt, or whatever. As I see it, everyone’s balanced diet is different and unique to themselves. What constitutes a balanced diet for me may not be right for you. We already know there are some basic guidelines to follow – avoid processed foods, reduce sugar, increase dietary fiber, exercise every day etc. In addition,

I will use the food pyramid to come up with my balanced diet – no problem. But…there is one aspect that I find particularly challenging. And that is controlling portion size. I still remember as a teenager coming home from school going to straight to the fridge and, backpack still on, eating all the food out of the fridge then asking my mother, ‘what’s for dinner?’

The truth is – not much has changed – I (still) eat too much. The occasions where Allison serves dinner for me, what is apparently the ‘appropriate nutritional portion size’,  I am left  me searching the plate – wondering where the food is…seeing this forlorn expression seems to amuse Allison.

The harsh reality is that we all probably eat too much. More than we need- even if it is healthy food. I remember the days when a Veal Parmigiana wasn’t right unless it was so big that it would hang off the edge of the plate. So? What can we do to try and reduce our food intake and reduce it to a reasonable nutritionally healthy portion size?

Well, the answer to that is……I have absolutely no idea. Not very helpful, I know, but as usual its one of the things with no magical answers. Some of the things I have tried are;

  • Having a smaller meal than normal and then walk away when finished – without serving yourself more.
  • Packing food away as soon as soon as possible – out of sight out mind.
  • Having a decent breakfast.
  •  Go to a small effort to bring healthy snacks to work. If I have to snack it might as well be healthy (the bonus here is that healthy food (that contains fiber) tends be me more filling.
  • Find some activity that keeps your mind busy to help you forget that you are hungry.

So there you have it – Size does matter! As I see it, this is a mental battle, with yourself. A battle that I lose often enough. But I do believe that collectively we are eating a lot more food than we need and that at a minimum we should make an effort to at least be aware of the size of the portion of food that we are eating. After all – It’s your life, it’s your Choice.

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