Being Grateful For Your Life Is A Good Habit

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Welcome to Your Life, Your Choice with me Allison! Today we are going to talk about your habits and how your habits can really impact on your life.

We have a variety of habits – they include complaining, criticizing judging of being unhappy and unthankful and being ungrateful –  I am being really negative because I want to say all the negative things – get them out of the way.

I believe that one way we can impact on our own lives and others is by being really positive, being thankful and showing gratitude. It’s really easy to get bogged down in all the stuff happening in our lives that we are not happy about.

I would like you to do a little exercise. Get a piece of paper and write down all the material things that you have and are happy for – everything. i.e. Your car, camera, iPod, iPad, exercise machine, your computers – anything – whatever it may be. Write down everything that you can think of that you are happy that you have. Write that in one column. In the next column write down or list all the people that you are happy to have in your life and that you appreciate and make your life better. In the last column write down all of your traits that you are thankful for. How happy you are, how giving you are, whatever you think your great skills are – all your positive skills that you are happy about.

Write them down put them in your purse or pocket and if you are ever feeling down when you are out and about you can pull out your list and remind yourself of all the things that you are happy about and can be thankful for. We all have incredible opportunities, we get to choose our lives and we get to choose how we feel, we get to choose the things that we buy.

Sure! Maybe you want a Lamborghini – and you can’t have it because it’s too expensive – but what about the great things that you do have – I mean, to have a car or to have access to a bus, to have access to public transport – these are all incredible gifts – everything that we have – these are all gift and a positive part of all our lives.

Having friends, having family, having support, and having internal gifts that you have and are happy about… always be able to look back and say ‘thank you’ for the things you have in your life.

It’s amazing how this little little thing will just brighten your day.

So – that’s all from me. I hope you have a great day today.

Remember – It’s Your Life, It’s Your Choice.



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One thought on “Being Grateful For Your Life Is A Good Habit

  1. My list wouldn’t fit in my purse. Do you think I’ll get wrinkles from all the smiling I’m going to be doing? How lucky we are and yet somehow we so often find a way to forget. Thanks for the reminder

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