Breakfast a Fresh Start

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Breakfast A Healthy Start To The DayMy kids’ wake up hungry, often while still in bed asking, “what’s for breakfast.”  I’m grateful they do because breakfast is a fresh start.  Breakfast breaks the overnight fast, provides energy for the day, kick starts metabolism and helps with weight maintenance.

When there’s no time for breakfast people often feel irritable, agitated and experience problems concentrating, mainly due to thier rumbling stomach.  Studies show breakfast is vital to cognitive function as it improves memory by increasing blood glucose levels.

There are so many excuses not to eat breakfast, the morning schedule is so rushed, who has time?   Here’s a tip, take time build breakfast into your morning routine.

A healthy breakfast can be quickly prepared by enjoying a bowl of bran cereal topped with ¼ cup of nutrient rich blueberries and a cup of skim milk.  This breakfast is loaded with antioxidants, whole grain dietary fiber, protein and nutrients.  Prep time – 1-2 minutes.

Best of all it tastes great and provides energy needed to meet the demands of the morning.  As part of a healthy lifestyle, breakfast sets the tone for the day.  It’s like the movie Ground Hog Day, everyday we can recreate the day by starting with a healthy breakfast.

If breakfast is a foreign concept I encourage you to eat something small.  Eating an apple or banana will have your body and metabolism thanking you.

What’s your a favorite weekday breakfast?

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4 thoughts on “Breakfast a Fresh Start

  1. Hello Allison… finally I managed to go through your website… and I have to say it is very interesting and I started adjusting my realization about some types of FOOD that I eat all the times… most importantly I started thinking of adopting the concept of having healthy breakfast…having banana in the Morning didn’t bother my stomach at all… Thanks for the recommendation :-))


    • Hey Shamim, Thanks for reading and wonderful news about the banana. I’m happy you’ve been able to explore the world of breakfast with no stomach upset. When ready, for added protein, try adding 5-10 almonds to your breakfast.

  2. July 29/13

    Thanks for passing along the tips for a healthy breakfast! I am so with you on this as it is very important we start our day off right in order to be mentally and physically fit to handle the ‘challenges’ a day can bring.

    • Most welcome, as my role model I know you’re eating a healthy breakfast. Thanks for installing health and wellness in my early years. Xo

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