What Lies Beyond Your Comfort Zone?

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I’ve had an absolutely spectacular day. Today I taugh my first mom and baby fitness class, and I submitted a chapter for a book. Both of these things are amazing experiences becuase to achieve them I had to push through challenges within myself. Being out of my comfort zone was a growth experience, and it came with a lot of fear. The result of pushing through is worth all the discomfort and tears.

What do you have fear around?  What do you thing would happen if you were able to push through the fear and take action?

Maybe you’d be like me and have a bit of a cry, or maybe you’d find you can sail through the fear and do the things you really want to do.

If you’ve pushed through I’d love to hear your success and challenges, what did you come up against and how did you push forward and through the fear.  Leave a comment below to share your stories and experience.

To being bigger and our fear.







5 Small Steps for Big Success

Small Steps for Big SuccessIn life there are times when we need to make a big change. It can feel completely overwhelming, confusing, or scary and can leave us utterly discouraged.

Instinctively, we look for the magic pill or miracle to make it all go away. The reality is that it doesn’t work that way.

Like everyone, I have faced some of these challenges. Most notably in my personal health, or should I say lack of health, and to be honest, I desperately wanted to wave a wand and make it all go away.

However there was no wand and I had to dig in and figure it out. Along the way I have learnt some personal lessons on how to take control of my health. It started with accepting I needed to make changes and understanding that for change to occur it needed to start with me and small daily actions.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I had a lot of trouble coming to terms with the loss of my daughter and that lead to a dramatic decline in my health.

At one stage I was overwhelming, exhausted and in so much pain I didn’t know what to do. At that point, I had two options. Take the immune suppressing drugs, the doctor prescribed, that could cause liver disease or take control of what I put in my mouth.

Of course there was another option, do nothing and continue to decline. I knew where this ended and at 48 I wasn’t prepared to join Kateryna on the other side, not without a fight anyway.

So, Vic and I sat down to examine the options, together we decided to exhaust natural alternatives. We tossed the drugs and I made a commitment to focus my efforts on regaining health.

I started with a 4 week elimination diet. We removed, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, sugar, grains, and nuts from my diet. It was scary, this was uncharted territory for us food lovers, and I had no idea what the heck I was going to eat, I thought I would starve.

Health EatingI didn’t, We took it one week at a time and as nutritionist I reacquainted myself with the kitchen and explored new ways of creating meals with the foods I could eat.

Now I look back and can’t believe how that elimination diet transformed my life and my self-estemm. The pain, rattling in my head, hair loss, low energy, digestive upsets all are a distant memory. My autoimmunity is under control and my aneurysms are stable. Whew, what a relief.


I made small and simple changes like “Committing to care for myself”, “Listening to my body and hearing what it was saying to me” and “Learn new meal planning skills and have fun with cooking”.

Those little shifts amounted to a massive change over time.

Recovering my health has been a long process. One that was carefully mapped out with a solid strategy and plan that was broken down into small manageable daily blocks.

I’ve used the same strategy to create a business and to become a fitness instructor. I learnt it’s easy when you have a vision of what you want your life to be.

What would you like to bring into your life? Better health, more love, a successful business? What ever it is you can map  your way there by breaking you big goals down into small measurable goals.

Here are five tips for you to make small changes that will have DRAMATIC  impacts on your health and happiness:

Vision – Create the vision in your mind of what you want. What is it you want for your health? What kind of a relationship do you want with your children? What new do you want to bring into your life in the next five years? What will you do that you aren’t currently able to because of health limitations? Where do you live? How do you spend your free time? Go into as much detail for every aspect. You have to have a vision to guide where you’re going.

Break it down – Looking at your the big picture vision can be overwhelming especially when you have low energy, and are not in good health. Break it down into years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes if you need to. That way you have something to focus on. Just for this moment I’m going to choose…. this will keep you moving closer to your vision.

Focus – You want these things, so prioritize them and give them your focus. Make no excuses about what you want. It’s ok to want for a better life, for a better you. Go after your vision with dogged determination. If your energy is low add in foods that nourish and support you, contact me here for support, and provides you with abundant energy to strive and transform.

No Excuses Allowed – ‘Life is life’ you are where you are now due a myriad of circumstances it doesn’t matter it’s all in the past. What matters is where you go from here, ‘Up or Down’ towards ‘Living Your Best LifeTM or away from it. Acknowledge that your going to change and direct the change.

Action – Action is the source of all change! A change of focus, change of actions, change of habits and you get completely different results. Turn your vision into reality with consistent action.

What do you think?  How would implementing these impact your life?

To break this down. Set big goals with time frames for achieving them. Then work backwards from the end timeline to present. This is beneficial because big goals can seem unachievable.  Quieting my autoimmunity and the inflammatory response in my body seemed like this, I had slid so far down it was hard to see how I could ever be healthy again.

When we’re unwell, or have a lot of weight to lose or struggling with chronic illness the climb back to wellness seems overwhelming and completely unachievable. To achieve it we must believe that we can achieve it. Breaking it down into smaller chunks helps you stay focused and motivated.  With each win your confidence builds and drives your progression  along the wellness continuum.

Break large goals into smaller goals with time frames create a plan to achieve them.

I look back now and embrace the despair I faced. We used it bring about permanent positive change to my health, my self-esteem, and the health of my entire family. Don’t wait for a magic pill or a miracle to rescue you.

Make a decision to take control and make changes. No positive change is too small, changes when acted on consistently will lead to dramatic transformation over the long-run.

Remember small positive actions taken daily lead to massive health and lifestyle transformation over the longer-term.@AllisonTuffs(Click to Tweet!)

Take a step today and keep moving forward.  For a mini do it yourself version of the elimination diet  that transformed my life and health click here.

To your amazing health, happiness and success.

xo Allison

Photo Credit: Annelise Parr, friend and fellow lover of devine food.

2 Steps to Create a Life You Love

amazing lifeIs your life fricking Amazing!?!  If it’s not, I’ve got great news for you?  You can slow life down, shift direction and create the amazing life you desire.  How?  Decide you want an amazing life!  Decide you deserve it!  Decide you are worth it! Decide what that life would look like!

Have you decided?  Great, now go and create it.

If you’re like me, this was where the raw raw of create a life you love fell apart.  I would scratch my head and think I want change, I want to recapture my health and energy to play with the kids, I want a career where I can do something I love and be home more with the kids, I want a lifestyle that would …

But, I had no idea how to bring those things into my life and I found that incredibly frustrating and thought I was an idiot because everyone told me make a decision and it will happen.  Have you experienced this?

Did your pumpkin turn into a beautiful chariot because you made a decision?  Mine didn’t

A decision without directed action will not bring about positive change.  If this is your only take away, from this post, and you implement it you’ll shift the direction of your life faster and with less pain than I did.

What decision and action can you take today that will shift your life?  

Here’s a table with a few possible Decision-Acton-Result options

Decision_Action_Result Table

To create an energized and healthier lifestyle, to lose weight, to farewell joint pain I invite you to join the Energy Reboot Detox program.  This program provides you everything you need to create a healthier lifestyle, all you have to do is decide to join and follow the action steps.

Live your best life today, make one decision and take consistent action towards achieving it. Leave a comment to share your decision and action step, when you tell the world you have support and it helps you hold yourself accountable

To your greatness,

Allison xo

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The Safe Life Vs A Happy Life: Up Your Energy

believe-courage-stonesThe other day, I was having a conversation with someone, I’ll call him John. John shared how he wasn’t enamored or fulfilled by the work he was doing. As he described it, it’s a good job, it provided for his family and had little travel requirement. John is a real family guy. Fantastic, right?

Here’s the catch. In doing everything to ensure his family’s security, he sacrifices his personal desires.  He chooses to remain in a job that is not stretching him and is definitely not fulling him on a deeper level.

It turns out, John desires a position that will enable him to bring more of his creative self into his work. In his heart of hearts, he’d like to do more writing and maybe even take a stab at publishing something.

When we got deeper into why he’s not doing these things, or even exploring them as a hobby, we came to the crux of the issue and what has held him back from breathing life into his desire.   He was worried that if he tried to express himself more creatively and it didn’t work, if his boss didn’t notice, if an article didn’t get published, it would mean he’s not good enough.  And not being good enough would mean that the life he has is the life he’ll be stuck with forever.

He was more willing to stay stuck and unfulfilled than to try to grow and expand into his vision of fulfillment, all because of the chance that his untested fears would prove true.

Can you relate?  I see this all the time. People are so afraid to fail that they don’t see that they are already failing.  Staying in the status quo when you are unfulfilled doesn’t lead to more happiness, joy and health.  Quite the contrary!

In my experience, it leads to resentments, excuses and declining health. A healthy lifestyle means stepping into your light and balancing the fear of failure with the courage of taking an action step.

I can’t help but wonder if you are afraid to take a step into your own light and to create the life of your dreams. Is fear of failure holding you prisoner, stopping you from trying to lose weight, cut sugar from your diet, start a business, take a meditation class or do something new?  If so, you are not alone. You have this whole community behind you, and I’m here to support you!

Analysis paralysis is fear’s best friend.  Break out of this today by doing one thing.  Just one thing.  You can start by taking in a deep breath and then leaving a comment below to share what you most desire to bring about in your life.

Want to learn how I can work with you to identify what’s holding you back in your life and how you can break down those walls to reach the fulfilled, happy life you so desire?  Click here to discover how we can work together and make things happen!

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I’m in Love!

trees-cloudsI’m so stoked! I’m just home from a warm yoga class, and I loved it! I’ll get into that in a second, but first, I have to ask:

Is there something you used to really enjoy, but now it feels like it’s beyond your reach? Or maybe there’s something you’ve never done that you’d like to do but think you’re not physically fit enough for? Maybe it’s dancing, running, playing cricket or doing a handstand. Whatever it is, just commit to doing it and start today. Trust me. A simple yoga class taught me how amazing the results can be.

Now, hot yoga may not be your thing – and I totally get it – but seriously warm yoga is a totally different animal.

For one, sweat isn’t dripping into and stinging your eyes, and your hands don’t slip, which I personally found to be most pleasant. The best part of the class wasn’t that it was warm, or that I went or that I didn’t fall on my face. Yes, that has happened. 🙂

The best part was that I finished the whole class. Yep, and it’s the first one I’ve completed since my surgery. I remember thinking that my yoga days were behind me, but I was so wrong. Slow and steady definitely won this race.

I’ve progressed from being light headed upon standing to being comfortable in downward dog. I admit, I didn’t do a backbend. But I am working towards that and can tell that with lots of self-love and understanding my challenges…. I will step-by-step progress towards doing a backbend. Who knows….maybe even a handstand!

The point is, I did something that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do again. I certainly didn’t do it in one day. It’s taken months of slowly increasing my activity. But, I did it. And you can, too.

Affirmations can help get you there.

Every day I’m getting stronger and stronger.  Every day I’m getting stronger and stronger…..

After my surgery, when the doctor gave the all clear to start exercising, I used to repeat this phrase over and over as I struggled up a few flights of stairs, as I tried a few minutes of yoga or walked to a friend’s place.

It might sound crazy, but that little saying, repeating over and over in my head, kept me driving forward and motivated me to do just a little bit more than I had done the day before. Eight months in, and I am stronger. And right now I am so happy and proud that I’ve completed a full yoga class, I could burst.

The hidden benefit of all of this is that while today I could burst, I’ve celebrated milestones along the way. I’ve been proud of and celebrated each of my accomplishments as I achieved them. Patting yourself on the back is such a wonderful feeling.

Just remember that before starting an exercise program, especially if you have a medical condition, are recovering from an injury or have lived a sedentary life, please get the all clear from your doctor.

Look inside and do what you love. Start simple, and keep going. Soon, you’ll be looking back and wondering why you ever thought you couldn’t.

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Up Your Energy!

It’s Your Life. Your Choice.

Starting Over & the Stress it Brings

stress-and-change-veggiesHave you ever started over? We all have opportunities in life to start over, and while they are often scary, they are also so exciting. Maybe you’re launching a new business or starting a new career? Maybe you’re changing up your lifestyle? In my case, my new start has come in the form of relocating to a new country and having to adapt to an entirely new culture.

Just over a week ago my kids and I departed Lebanon (after living there for over 7 years) and boarded a plane for Canada. Talk about a fresh start!

As exciting as the start of a new journey can be, they entail big changes. And with big changes come big stresses.

Managing stress is a huge factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping our energy up. But when big changes come along and bring even higher levels of stress, we really need to put in that extra effort to keep it in check. I’ve learned first hand that stress left unchecked has some nasty negative consequences. Some come in the physical form of insomnia, tight muscles and headaches. Others creep up on us emotionally and mentally, such as agitation, difficulty focusing and a quicker than usual temper. Others yet we don’t notice at all until we find ourselves in a diseased state and seeking medical attention for things like elevated insulin levels, elevated blood pressure and vascular damage.

So, if you’re about to start over in some way, I highly recommend the following 5 tips to keep your stress at a distance, your body and mind healthy and your energy up!

      1. Exercise. Even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing, it’s amazing how much clearer your thoughts will be after stepping away and getting your body moving. Something as simple as a 30-minute walk is enough to help clear your head, get you breathing and improve your circulation. In preparation for the stress my new start will bring, I’ve prioritized attending a 1-hour body pump class three times a week….even it if means getting up at 5:45am for a 6am class.
      2. Eat your vegetables…and lots of them. It’s not always easy to grab a healthy meal when on the run, but with a little planning you can enjoy some nutrient loaded vegetables that will keep your energy up. Stock up on greens beans, snap peas, broccoli and peppers (red, yellow and orange). I recommend to wash fruit and veggies in a vinegar and water solution (10/90 ratio). This will wash off a large portion of the pesticides. Then store them in easy to access bags or containers in the fridge. When life gets hectic, it’s as easy as cut and eat. With peppers, you can even eat them as a piece of fruit!
      3. Get to bed at a reasonable hour. My reasonable bedtime is somewhere between 9-10pm. Aim for 8 solid hours of sleep. If you wake in the middle of the night, factor that in and get to bed at a time that allows for a wakeful period. When stress is at its max, I’ve been known to say nighty-night as early as 8pm!
      4. Express yourself. Find someone who you can talk to about what’s happening in your life and with whom you feel safe and secure so that you can express your true feelings. Journaling is another great way to express yourself. Write it all out – no judgments, just a safe place to record your feelings. You can write about the good, the bad and the ugly. There is only one rule. It’s my rule, but I think you should adopt it. Write without any judgment of yourself. Your journal is for your eyes only, so don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel how you think you should feel. It’s ok. How you’re feeling at any moment is perfectly acceptable, and these feelings will change over time.
      5. Indulge yourself. Take time for a bath, a massage, a visit to the chiropractor or some meditation. Whatever your form of indulgence, now is the time to invest the time (and possibly some money) in your relaxation and stress management.

Incorporate one or all of these 5 little tips to help you ride the wave of change, manage stress, feel more focused and keep your energy levels up. With your stress under control, you’re free to immerse yourself in your new journey!

If you have other stress-busters, I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment to share your favorite way to manage stress when life gets tough and change is inevitable.

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The Trouble With Bright Girls

valen reading_8 dec 2012I recently came across an article called The Trouble With Bright Girls by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. I was immediately drawn in by the comparison of young boys and girls and their confidence in trying new and challenging things.

What it came down to was that while the boys were much more willing to keep plugging away until they got it right, the girls were quick to throw in the towel. Why? Were the girls aware that they would be scrutinized more than the boys? Were they worried about judgment should they not be able to complete the tasks….making it more appealing to just not make the attempt?

(The article shares some very interesting research and ideas as to why this happens. Take a look if you’re interested!)

This got me thinking about women and the internal pressure we put on ourselves. Pressure to measure up to those around us. Pressure to be good enough – heck – to be perfect!

As if society doesn’t already add to this pressure (you must be thin, beautiful, successful, desirable, etc.), we add a lot to the mix all on our own. And the scary thing is, many of these ideas are either subtly or obviously put before us at a very young age.

So how do we ensure that our growing girls grow into confident women who don’t shy away from a challenge? How do we speak to them about these things? How might we encourage them to stick with the difficult tasks and not worry about perception? It might seem a bit trivial now, but the way we handle this when they are young could have a significant impact on their future feelings of worthiness, their health and their happiness.

I certainly don’t have all the answers (who does, right?), but I know that I want to strive every day to do the best that I can for my children. Boys or girls, we want them to grow into confident and happy adults.

What are your thoughts on this topic? What experiences from your youth do you think have impacted who you are today in relation to confidence and how you tackle challenges?

As I seek my own answers and insight, I’d love to hear about yours!

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Up Your Energy!

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How Your Core Values Shape Your Life

core-valuesIt’s hot and time to shed a layer. But I’m not talking about your clothes. I’m referring to the invisible cloak you sometimes pull around your shoulders when you’re afraid, scared or flat out confused. The cloak that often holds you back from soaring, pushing the limits of your comfort zone and living the life of your dreams.

And what is the life of your dreams? Who are you in this life? Are you a photographer, a stay at home mom, a property owner, someone who is in excellent shape? Maybe you’re a blogger or entrepreneur?

Discover Yourself
Do you know who you are, what you want and what you like? Finding out is a unique and valuable journey. My own journey wasn’t easy, but so worth the trip!

The cloak I mention above? I’m very familiar with it as it has often been my companion. But thankfully, we don’t see each other as often as we used to. Two years ago, I became aware that my life was based on others’ expectations. I was confused, exhausted and unmotivated.

From this uncertain place, I searched for a different way, a better way to live life….and I found one.

Remember the movie Runaway Bride where Julia Roberts changed her egg preference with every guy she was engaged to? I’ve never been that bad, but – I admit – I do like to be liked. And as any professional people pleaser (active or retired) will tell you, it’s a tough occupation. I worked on this and did my very best to craft a life that is true to me while remaining respectful to others.

My progress was sometimes slow, and I still work on this to this day. Some days I move forward, others back….but in my heart of hearts, I know who I am and what I want which makes it easier to get back on track.

As a result, I’m in such a better, happier and healthier place.

Want to join me?

Be a Sculptor
Mental energy is required to craft a life you want. You have to ask yourself a lot of questions. What are my values? Who do I want to spend time with? What kind of work do I find meaningful? How do I want to feel in my body? What would I like to have/own in my life? What type of health do I want? How old am I when I retire?

Questions like these help you to sculpt your life. But to make progress, you must answer them. When you do the work, you start to form a mental picture of the life you want to live, a life that’s in alignment with your vision. Even better, you start to transform and mold life to that which you see in your mind’s eye.

Create Your Vision Around Your Values
This is an important step, one I didn’t acknowledge until Amber Ludwig, a friend and business coach, asked me what my core values are. I’d always assumed my actions were in line with my core values. Yet, when asked directly about this, I was stumped. I sat scratching my head for quite a while wondering what the hell core values are and which are mine? Do you know what your core values are?

Core Values
Core values are simply your values. They help you answer the questions “Who am I?” and “What makes me tick?” Values might change slightly as you go through life, and that’s ok, as long as you decide how, why and when they change.

When younger, I had more clarity around my values. Then, putting food on the table, keeping a roof over our heads, the kid’s education, holidays and retirement planning were no longer front and center in my mind. Somewhere during the transition from adulthood to motherhood and career woman, I got so wrapped up with what I should do, ought to do or had to do that I lost sight of my values. Heck, I’d forgotten what they were! Icks!

As I answered the question “Who am I,” I found that I’d temporarily adopted others’ values (colleagues, friends, spouse, parents). Crazy, right? I actually lost a part of me to the insanity of expectation. This really motivated me to dig deep, to explore the differences between how I lived compared to the life that fit with my values.

What are your core values? Are you living life in alignment with them?

I’d love to hear your opinions, so please leave a comment below.

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Up Your Energy!

It’s Your Life. Your Choice.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How I Reframed My Thoughts to Improve My Health

Gluten- bread and lemon pieThe ability to reframe a thought, to take a negative and turn it into a positive, is an incredible life skill. Just one reframed thought could make the difference between a poor or a great day.

As a newly diagnosed celiac (for more information, please see my article), I’ve been more than bummed out about the loss of my favorite indulgence foods (that, of course, contain wheat, barley and rye). A pastrami sandwich just isn’t the same on a rice cake :(. This really struck home for me when I met a friend in a Beirut mall. The escalator ascended and my senses were assaulted by bright pink whoopee cookies, the patisserie showcased lemon tarts that screamed my name and the sandwich assortment made my mouth water. Delicious foods, among some of my favorites were now forbidden fruits in this land of celiac disease and gluten free eating.

gluten- pink cookies

The sight of these delicious cakes, cookies, pastries and breads had my saliva glands on overdrive and my poor-me factor was off the charts. I mean, my bottom lip was way out there. Then a light bulb when off. I thought, what the hell, try a reframe!

It was simple. I took all of the poor-me thoughts and flipped them on their head. Those Poor Me thoughts became the reframed thoughts.  Below are a few examples of how I reframed my thoughts:

Poor Me Reframed
Why me? My aneurysm won’t grow.
Life sucks. My hands won’t hurt.
I miss this stuff. I sleep better.
I can’t eat anything. I’m eating better/healthier.
I’m broken It’s genetics.
My skin will shine.
My bones will be stronger.
My indulgence foods are highly processed and full of fat.

This was a great exercise. My list of positives (reframes) outweighed the negatives (poor me’s), and I realized that without a doubt, I do love these foods. Such delectable delights can tempt me on my strongest day. However, such temptations occur in my healthy lifestyle only occasionally and, while tempting, there are plenty of great reasons to enjoy a gluten free diet. Once I understood this, my spirits returned and I was again excited about having lunch with a friend.

My lunch with my friend didn’t suffer. We had a great time, and I enjoyed a great meal without suffering any long-term side effects. I admit it was hard to reframe my thinking at first. But now, with a little thought, I am able to find a better way of looking at being a celiac….and I had an awesome day!

Do you have a reframe example you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it, leave a comment or click here to share it privately.

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Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

face-your-fearWhen my friend, Chris Allen, asked me if he could interview me for Gloss magazine, I was so excited. I really didn’t know what to expect or where the questions would take us, but I was open to the opportunity and willing to face my fear. The fears ranged from fear of the unknown, fear of who would want to read about my experience, what if no one read the article, what if Chris didn’t like my responses, what if I was boring, what if the article didn’t get picked up….. fears and questions. Irrational? Possibly. But, nonetheless, my fear factor was firing at full speed, and I felt it everywhere in my body. My guts were churning, my head was spinning, I had trouble sleeping….you get the picture.

When we push through fear, what lies on the other side is an incredible feeling of I did it. It’s not about how great you did….although that’s nice too. It’s about how GREAT it is that you did it. That you stood face to face with your number one adversary, your inner fear monger, and you won the battle. It’s not that your fear leaves you, it’s that you bench it while you play center field. When we’re able to stop measuring ourselves and the ridiculous expectations we sometimes have for things to be perfect, we do things we never thought were possible.

In the process, there are mixed feelings. But the final feeling – the one that is worth everything – is that feeling of I did it, translated to I’m so proud of myself. Wow, what powerful words! I’m proud of me, and man does that feel good in my body and in my mind! Feeling good is part of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Is there something you’ve been putting off because you’re not sure how it will turn out? Because your fears are getting the best of you? I hope this will motivate you to bench those fears and just get it done.

Go for the accomplishment of doing it, and don’t worry about the rest. Just do it!

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Up Your Energy!

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