5 Self-Care Tips that Will Rock Your Valentines.

Valentines is the day of love.  But, What happens when you find yourself alone, as I do.

Who said we need chocolate and flowers to feel loved? This is a time to celebrate our womanhood and give ourselves a dose of self-love.  These 5 energizing self-care tips ooze love and will leave you feeling great, about yourself.

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How to Live a WOW life in 2017!

How to live a WOW life in 2017


Celebrate New Years Daily!!!

Life is a beautiful thing. Each day we get to re-create ourselves, to redefine our lives, to accentuate what worked well and tweet what didn’t. Today is a day where we look back on our year and reflect, and make promises to ourselves.

What would life be like if…..Instead of making a resolution today we check with ourselves every day, reflective every day and make slight tweaks to our communication, performance, and habits every day. What would happen if each day we commit to a new gym routine, a healthy eating plan, to a doing the small actions that are make up a healthy lifestyle?

What would life look like, if we recommit to our debt reduction plan and investment plan every day?

If we did these things, do you think life would look better or worse on  December 31, 2017.  Radically different or the same?

I’d put my money on entirely different, in remarkable ways.  I’d wager, if we could do this wake up each day with renewed excitement and commitment to our goals at the end of 2017, we would experience an increase in wealth, wellness, community and personal confidence not to mention life experiences.

Personally, I’m up for the challenge! What about you?

To a year of new beginnings.  No matter what any given day brings, tomorrow we can choose to take another shot!

Happy New Years!!!!