Chips, Chips and More Chips

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Chips have a place in a healthy diet.  Many would argue with me, but I believe there are no forbidden foods, the closest is soft drinks, anything else is fair game.  Does that mean you can eat as many chips or other junk food as you want, every day, No!

Portion size matters, no matter what you eat.  Unfortunately, our understanding of a normal portion size has been distorted by the oversized food and drink sold at the grocery store.

Mega stores like Superstore and Costco are famous for selling bulk restaurant sized goods, and we, as consumers trying to save a buck, are ecstatic to be able to economize on our grocery bill by buying in bulk. The concept is fantastic, assuming we dish out the bulk food into snack size portions we can channel the savings into something else.

The problem arises when we’re bored or while watching TV, when we want something to nibble on, we reach for the supersized bag of chips.  Some, like my husband, will take the whole bag to the TV and sit mindlessly eating handful after handful while engrossed in the movie.  Others will try to manage their portion and dish out a bowl of their favorite snack, that’s me.  My problem comes when the bowl is empty but, they were `so good’ and I know there’s more in the cupboard so I’ll just have a few more. Ever done this?

The next thing I know I’ve eaten more than my fair share, I feel a bit sluggish my tongue is sore from the salt and I’m so thirsty. Does this story hit home?  Maybe chips aren’t your thing maybe it’s chocolate, or caramel popcorn or maybe you don’t have this problem.  

I’ve overcome being derailed by the endless chip bag by skipping the savings achievable by buying bulk, unless it’s rolled oats, and paying more for the normal 150 gram size bag.  Now when we sit down with either a bag or bowl of chips I know when the bag is finished, which it will be, who eats only a few, we’ll still be within the realm of reasonable.  Yes, chips can be a part of a healthy diet but not when you eat then by the bucket full.

Portion control and moderation are key factors in achieving a balanced diet.  Junk food has a place, without it we would feel deprived, but,  it’s a treat and should be treated as such.  For me, it’s on the weekend, when is you’re time to indulge in your favorite junk food?

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4 thoughts on “Chips, Chips and More Chips

  1. I like this post, and particularly the concept of size control which is quite a probem to many like myself yet it is import. My only trick is to avoid buying chips and keeping it around me except eating one or more bags without minding about the normal size gram once after a long period. The temptation is high with demands from little ones. But size contro on any food intake is an excellent idea.

    Do you know of any particular kind of food that a person diagnosed with Leuqimia may or has to avoid eating at all cost? or the kind of food that such a person needs in support of hihis or her diet.

    • Hi Collins thanks for sharing your thoughts on portion control. I admit keeping the kids pleased is a challenge, but they are happy to share a bag of chips and when the bag is divided between 5 it makes for perfect portion control.

      A diet for battling cancer would be one that has tons of fresh vegetables. One would think a lot of fruit as well, but the hi sugar content of fruit leads me to recommend eating them in moderation. Avoiding junk food is a must especially things like coke. I hope this basic information is helpful, I’ll write a blog on this next week.

  2. Will share this one with my husband. More chips for his buck make him happy until he steps on the scale. I’m hoping he’ll see the logic in going for the smaller bag.

    • Hi Jen, Here’s to hoping for the smaller bag. It’s worked in my house, I wish you success. Helping our loved ones limit consumption of foods that can derail their healthy eating is just one of the ways we say I love you.

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