Date Delight: A Healthy Treat

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Want a tasty treat, a healthy breakfast bar or a dinner party dessert?  I invite you to try my mother’s fantastic melt in your mouth ‘Date Delight’.

I’ll not kid you ‘Date Delight’ is made with all natural butter, but it’s also made with cholesterol lowering dates and rolled oats.  In my nutritionist mind, the health benefits of the oats and dates far outweigh any risks of the butter, meaning that even if you’re on a low cholesterol diet you can enjoy this treat, periodically.

Both dates and oats offer so much more than just cholesterol lowering effects.  Let’s look at them separately.

Dates are low in fat, high in iron and potassium and insoluble fiber.  If you recall we need 25-35 grams of dietary fiber a day to keep things moving. One cup chopped dates equivalent to 147 grams has 11.8 grams of fiber.

Rolled oats well what can I say they are high in iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc and they also are a great source of insoluble fiber.  One cup of oats equivalent to 156 g has 16.5 grams of dietary fiber.

Did I mention how quick and easy this is to make. That’s three ticks, hi in dietary fiber, cholesterol lowering, hi nutrients and of course quick and easy who’s got time to spend hours cooking. That’s about it Date Delight meets my criteria for being included in a healthy diet.

Let’s be serious no matter how healthy something is nobody wants to eat something that doesn’t have their taste buds doing the tango. Fear not – tango on.


The recipe:

  • l cup chopped dates
  • l tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • all go in a small pot and the stove on medium heat. Stir every few seconds, bring to a boil then turn the heat down to simmer.  Cook until dates are soft enough to spread with a jam like consistency, about 5 minutes.  Set this aside to cool.

Now on to the Crumb Mixture:

Blend or sift together

  • l cup flour
  • 1/2 tsp soda
  • 1/8 tsp. salt

In a separate small bowl mix

  • l cup butter
  • l cup lightly packed brown sugar

add in 2 cups rolled oats .

Roll up your sleeves, wash your hands and get in touch with your food, mix the oats into the butter and sugar mixture using your hands, or a spoon.  There is nothing like getting in touch with your senses through food- Natasha loves it too.

Press half mixture in 8 inch square pan.  Cover evenly with date mixture.  Cover with remaining crumbs and pat until smooth.


Place half of the crumb mixture and into cooking pan, spread the mixture evenly then add the cooled dates and spread evenly.

Over this add the remainer of the crumble topping making sure to spread it evenly over the dates, no need the topping down.

Pop this into the over for 35-40 minutes at 325/180 F/C until the topping is golden

Cool before cutting into squares.   This is best (crispiest) when eaten same day.

There you have it Date Delight in less than an hour.  If you don’t want to have this sitting around or are making it for a dinner later in the week it freezes well so pop it in the freezer till its needed.  Allow for thawing time prior to serving.

However you choose to enjoy this you wont be disappointed.

One slice of Date Delight provides approximatly 3.7 grams of fiber and I didn’t factor in the flour.  If you want to increase the nutritional content substitue whole wheat flour for the white flour.

Ingredient Dietary Fiber (g)
Rolled Oats- 2 cups 33
Dates – 1 cup 11.8
Total 44.8
12 serves 3.7 /serve

Happy baking and best of all happy while eating for health!  Leave a comment to let my mom know your thoughts of this recipe, it will totally make her day!!

USDA National Nutrient Database: Dates, Deglet Noor

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2 thoughts on “Date Delight: A Healthy Treat

  1. Wow Allie! I always enjoyed eating my ‘date square’, however, was not aware of it’s true ‘nutritional’ value until reading your blog. I think I’ll make another batch tonight!
    Keep up the great work! Mom

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