Dietary Fiber – A Progress Report

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A guest blog – By Victor Sukacz

It’s been a few months since the crushing realization that the Bachelors Balanced Diet (BBD (cheese, salami and beer)) does not contain any dietary fiber.  It was then that I wrote about the importance of dietary fiber and decided myself that I would make a conscious effort to include it as part of my regular diet.

Not to mention that dietary fiber is known to be beneficial and play a role in preventing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and many other chronic diseases. I thought now would be a good opportunity to give you all a ‘progress report’ and let you know how I have managed to do this.

Before I get into my own dietary fiber related exploits – just a couple of reminders about Allison’s general  ideas on a healthy lifestyle– since they are all linked;

No Diets – We prefer to eat a broad range of nutrient rich foods instead. Rather than excluding foods in an attempt to lose weight, we include a variety of different foods – including foods that are high in dietary fiber.

Processed foods – try real whole foods (this may entail cooking). Processed foods have had most if not all the dietary fiber taken out.

Exercise – Yes. There is no arguing this one – we need to exercise. Loyal exponents of the BBD believed that if you lay down with your eyes closed and imagined that you were exercising – you would gain the same benefits as if you actually did the exercise. So in order to stay fit, there was a lot of laying around. Well – APPARENTLY – this is not true – Apparently – you actually have to do the exercise to get its benefits. I guess I took the ‘power of positive thinking’message a little too literally.

Portion Control – (My personal nemesis) collectively we probably eat too much – especially me.

Positive frame of mind – Don’t let it get you down.

Back to dietary fiber – Allison tells me we are meant to eat about 35 grams of dietary fiber every day. To help us achieve this, I have asked Allison to post a reference chart that lists some of the common foods and how much dietary they contain- coming soon! The alternative is to read the food label – but if your eyesight is anything like mine – this is just an exercise in frustration- I just can’t hold that packet far enough away.  To be honest, I don’t count how much I eat every day, but here is how I have managed so far:


Porridge or All Bran or Baked Beans or Weetabix

I will add Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds on top. (Seeds are very high in Dietary Fibre and you don’t need a lot – unless you’re a bird).  I also add berries (cranberries/raspberries/blueberries)to my porridge.

Snack Time

Mixed Nuts and Raisins (not too much)


Beans or Lentils, Vegetables or Salad, Whole Grain Rice (Brown), Whole Grain Bread, Whole grain pasta with cherry tomatoes.


Fruit – pears are great source of fiber


Beans, Vegetables (peas, spinach and broccoli), Salad.



OK – so, there you have it. I do eat other foods – like Choco croissants, chips, chicken, cheese etc. – so the above are my sources of dietary fiber. Foods containing dietary fiber tend to be more filling.

You may have noticed that beans feature quite a bit. Well – beans are an excellent source of dietary fiber- and very tasty. In fact, Allison will be posting a blog on how to cook beans –it’s worth the little bit of effort. Keep an eye out for that one.

I think if I do a tally, on a good day I would get close to 35grams a day of dietary fiber. It’s not easy though – but worth the effort.

It’s Your Life, It’s Your Choice.


Thanks to Victor for his inspirational contributions!  If you thought this post was helpful, I would love your help in sharing it with your community on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you in advance for your help and support.

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