Emergency: Do you have a plan?

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 HelicopterKnowing what to do in an emergency is part of an effective stress management strategy and a key factor in a healthy lifestyle. Today, my family and many others participated in an evacuation exercise.

At 8 am the call came in.  In response, we gathered ourselves and headed off to the assembly point.  It’s important for the kids to know how to get there on there own, just in case, plus it was a beautiful day, so we walked.

Field Crossing.jpg

In the rush to get out of the house Natasha hit her head so we took our ice pack with us.

Evac on the way

At the assembly point we registered our names and then viewed the booths that were set up for our education and awareness.  We started at the fire safety booth.

Fire Safety

Here we learnt the importance of having a 5 kg dry fire extinguisher in our homes to put out small fires.  They showed us how to use a fire blanket to throw over the fire without injuring ourselves, how to test the smoke detectors and how to draw a fire escape plan for exiting every room of our home.

Next was the radio booth, which showed up how to use our hand held VHF radio and then on to the helicopter tour.  This was exciting for the kids, they enjoyed sitting in it and seeing all controls up close.  It kinda felt like we were in the movies.

evac heli


heli control

The last booth was the – what to carry booth.  When it’s time to go, it’s time to go so  we’re to carry only essentials, money, water, a few clothes and food.  Basically it comes down to what you can carry on your back.

run bag

It wasn’t all serious, the kids had lots of fun with friends, even a few 4 legged ones.


All up we spent a few hours, but now we’re all more knowledgeable about what to do if we have a house fire, or if there’s a call to evacuate.  Knowledge is power. This exercise not only increased our knowledge, it also reduced stress around what to do if…

You may not need to practice how to board a helicopter, but we all need to have a plan for emergencies.

A fire extinguisher, fire towel, smoke detector and fire evacuation plan are essential household safety tools, as are emergency numbers by the telephone. Knowing how to use them is not only important it is a healthy lifestyle choice, one that may save your life.

Do you have an emergency plan?  Do the kids know what to do and who to call?  Take a moment to put this in order, today.

I hope you enjoy today, It’s a great day for a healthy lifestyle.

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