Enjoy Life

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I’ve just put my kids to bed and I sit here, my cat sleeping at my feet, quietly typing away.  Ah, the good life, a simple life – I like knowing where everyone is and being home together.  I love the simplicity of my life, yet tomorrow, it will change, for a brief 3 days. Victor and I are going on a mini-holiday- without the kids.  Doesn’t that sound exciting!

We’re off not to Beirut. No, we’re off to the airport on our way to Vienna, Austria for a dear friends wedding.  I love weddings, even though I tend to cry at them, I love sharing the start of a new chapter in a loved one’s life.

Given how much I wanted to attend this wedding, one would wonder why it took us so long to decide on attending. The wedding met all of our criteria for a must celebration – a great friend, a foreign country, a short distance to travel, air tickets within our price range.  Yet, we didn’t immediately commit to attending. Why?

Frankly, I pondered all the obstacles that could prevent us from going.  It’s a busy time at work, could we get the day of travel off, could we afford it – I mean shouldn’t we be saving for the kid’s education, what I would wear…..the list went on.  You see one of the limitations of being home bodies is we like to be at home and it’s sometimes hard to get out of the comfort zone to do something different, even when we really want to, but well….

Deciding is the hardest part.  Making the decision to do something, attend a wedding, start a new lifestyle, get married, begin an exercise routine, start an on-line degree, no matter what it is, it can be agonizingly difficult.

We humans like to toss ideas around in our heads, to analyze the pros and cons of whatever we are thinking about.  Back in my university days I once agonized for days over dropping an elective class.  My mind raced back and forth between statements like “you started it you should finish it,” to “but why? I don’t need this for my degree,”.   Worst of all, I hated the class so much that I didn’t study and it was ultimately going to bring down my grades.  It’s a no brainer, drop the class, but that internal battle had me tossing and turning when I should have been sleeping.

The hardest part of making a decision is indecision.

In the end, I dropped the class and felt instantly better.  Ever noticed, when you do finally make the decision you feel light and bouncy.  Why, because you’ve actually made a decision.

Its how you frame things that matter –I opted to look at dropping the class not as quitting, which would have made me feel awful, but, rather as taking control of my education. I chose to take a class that was more in sync with who I was and my interests.

Back to our – to attend or not decision. We choose to attend.  When I asked myself why questions, it was so easy.  You see, the friendship is valuable to me and therefore attending is worth the travel, the cost and the weekend away from the kids.

Friendship is something to be treasured, I want to share this day with them and as they say I do.  As they do, I’ll hold my husband’s hand and happily remember our own vows.  You see enjoying life is about enjoying precious moments.  We’ll take a mini vacation, but we’ll cherish the memories for ever. I’m so glad we decide to go.  Time to pack, what shall I wear?

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Till next time, it’s your life your choice.  Bon Weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoy Life

  1. I respect your ‘intelligence’ in understanding the true values in life! The ‘memories’ you share with good friends creates a strong bond for you cared enough to be a part of their ‘special’ memories. Friends are ‘forever’ if we want them to be!

    Great blog! Love you, Mom

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