Exercise An Amazing Feeling

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exercise an amazing feelingEver noticed how incredible you feel after exercising? I’m constantly amazed. No matter how lousy I feel before a workout, once I drag myself to the exercise area, usually kicking and screaming – with my mind hurling excuses of being too tired or too busy, I have rarely left an exercise session regretting the workout.

Getting the blood pumping washes my day away and improves my mood. Afterwards, I usually have more energy and a slight burn in my muscles serves to reminds me that, once again, I won the internal battle against my own mind. Against my own alter ego, the one that wants me to flake on the couch or go for a drink or… well….you name it and that’s the one that has a zillion excuses for me not to exercise.

I didn’t give in, I held strong, I shunned the voices in my head and beat the excuses down. This, alone, makes me feel amazing. I am in control of my mind, of how I spend my time and how I expend my energy!

Knowing how great I feel after exercising and how overcoming my mind boosts my confidence – one would think these are reason enough to be excited about the next workout.

Alas, this is often not the case. A new day, and it’s time to exercise -enter the internal battle and again I rise to the challenge and again feel great at the end. As this routine of internal debate and overcoming continues- it gets a little easier day by day.

Slowly, over the weeks my body transforms ever so slightly -, my legs and arms grow stronger, my balance improves and I notice the battle isn’t such a battle anymore. I like my time to workout, I enjoy the space to do something physical, I look forward to processing my day over a workout. I look forward to working out!

There are other changes to, I notice my metabolism is faster – I need to eat more but I seek out healthier foods – foods that give me energy for the next workout. I sleep better and don’t stew as long in my midnight awakening before falling back asleep. I have more energy and am more patient, less irritable and less prone to flash in anger. I am more balanced!

The exercise releases feel good endorphins that last long after the exercise is finished and my self-esteem is better because I realize while I can’t control others, I can definitely control myself and that’s something to be proud and happy about.

A side benefit of the exercise is to look better and have more clarity, but moving our bodies and eating whole real foods makes us feel good. People often ask me how I can walk everyday? The truth is it’s not for weight loss, nor to improve my health or to speed my metabolism, although those would be great reasons. The real reason is I’m a feel good junkie. I need exercise as I need water and sustenance, for me I prefer to get my kicks naturally, so I need a regular dose of exercise to achieve this.

What we do day in out will lead us down the path of a healthy and happy lifestyle. For sure we can doubt many things in life, but the importance and benefits of exercise on our health and our mind are indisputable.

Feel great, join me in choosing regular exercise because your the only one who can. It’s your life, your choice.

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