Five Little Words that Mean So Much

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What do the words – can I get you anything– mean to you?  When asked this question, it tells the person reflects kindness and consideration in the asker.  What .

To me, this question reflects kindness and consideration of another by the asker.  What does it mean to you?

Does the asker realize the impact of their question on others?   When someone takes the time to ask me such a question it warms me from the inside out.  The simple question make me feel and helps me to know, I’m not an island unto myself in this world.  Someone, the asker, cares about me, enough to ask me if they can get me something.

In today’s fast paced big (mega) corporate world – society has forgotten about the value of the small things.  However; these words – can I get you anything-, strung together in a question, can have a positive impact on the person or persons to whom they are asked.  Many of us, including myself, get so wrapped up in what we have to do today, or where we are meant to be, that we sometimes forget to take that moment’s pause to slow down and extend a gesture of CARING to another individual.

If you ask this question, you will be greeted with a smile and a word of thanks for your thoughtfulness.  Asking a simple question can light up another`s life and make you feel great because – you took the time -to consider another person in your busy day.

I maintain, if we can slow ourselves down and take just a moment out of our day to consider others, be it our roommate, our loved ones or a complete stranger, we will be making the world a better place.  It’s called the snowball effect; I extend kindness to you and you in turn extend kindness to another and on it goes down the line.  It all starts with just five little words.

You and I make our community what it is today- not `somebody else`.  So, next time the opportunity presents; be kind to others and others will be kind to you, not always, but it has to start somewhere.  Each act of kindness is a gift worth giving.

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3 thoughts on “Five Little Words that Mean So Much

  1. Hello, me again. In fact I’m sorry to hijack your post but it brings me around to a subject I often think about; how our community is being eroded by the smartphones so many of us are addicted to. We’re all too busy reading the news, checking facebook or catching up with work email to look up and say something pleasant to a person standing beside us. I can’t help thinking of the opportunities we are missing, when once we might have looked out of a bus window and had some independent thought, or said hello to somebody sitting nearby. Who knows what “Hello” might have led to.. Instead we take the very first opportunity to focus on our own little gadgets and effectively close out everybody around.

    Ok, rant over, but perhaps a good subject for another longer blog sometime.

    Cheers, Annelise

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