Have Pain, See A Doctor

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This week, my health has jumped up, hit me in the face and made me take notice.  You see, my hand actually my forearm and wrist have been giving me trouble for oh about 18 months, possibly longer.

I put the pain down to too much computer work and have manipulated my work environment to change how I use the computer. I’ve tried operating the mouse with my left hand- I’m a righty–getting a new chair, using the mouse with the right hand but on the left side of the computer etc….. 

Things would ease up when I had time away from the computer so I naturally assumed I was suffering the beginnings of carpel tunnel syndrome.  It never dawned on me that I should possibly have it checked by a physician never mind mention it to others, but last week while on a training course that required no computer work my arm started to pulsate,  I mean it really pulsated even when I tried to sleep. 

Finally, no longer able to hand the pain, first thing Monday morning I dragged myself to the doctor.  So convinced that I had carpel tunnel syndrome –I tried to convince the doctor of the same.  When he sent me for x-rays of my neck I said “it’s my arm that’s sore not my neck.” 

Strictly speaking that wasn’t true, I’ve had a bad neck for oh about 18 years now but, I’m used to the pain and have learned to stretch and release the tension so I don’t actually consider it a problem.  Well, as it turns out minimizing my neck issues have left me with a heap of problems, in my cervical spine, that are manifesting in my arm and wrist.  Go figure.  Just goes to show (lessons learnt):

  1. Seek help when you have a pain that doesn’t go away
  2. Don’t assume you know the problem you’re likely wrong
  3. The longer you wait to seek diagnosis the worse it will likely be

All of this to say, this post is short and sweet because it hurts to type and I’ve been instructed to rest for a week.  I still drag myself up the hill every day, this doesn’t require my arm, but versa climbing, yoga and too much computer time are definitely out. 

In the name of health and a quick recovery I say adieu, I trust you all take far better care of your niggling pains than I do.  If you, like me, can’t be bothered to check these little aches and pains, I invite you to rethink your convictions and visit a doctor.  You might just save yourself a whole lot of pain, physio and down time.

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One thought on “Have Pain, See A Doctor

  1. Yes! We are all guilty of ‘self-diagnosis’ at times.which is a lesson we must all learn. Hopefully, you will be as good as new in a few weeks or months and a much wiser person. We all learn from our mistakes which helps us become the people we are meant to be! Hang in there dear daughter!

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