How to Get Involved

WELCOME to the “Up Your Energy” website!

Are you ready to feel good and have a great life?  Did I hear you say Hell YES!?  Great, then you’re in the right spot and I am thrilled you’re here.

Action and Empowerment are works you’ll see a lot on this site.    These words are/were critical to my taking control and directing my life.  I belief they’ll help you too.  Don’t worry, I’ve been to hell and back in my body and spirit, you can read my story here.   I might not have been where you are, but I can relate to being depleted, lost, struggling and striving.

I fought change, It took my life being at risk for me to wake up and take action to transform my career, health and happiness. I don’t want you suffer what I’ve suffered!  I dream a better life for you, I hold this space for you to take action to push through the fears and doubts to take baby steps towards the light of possibility, of success, of what your life can be.

The Aim:  To take life higher… through learning, making CHOICES and taking action.  Do this and you’ll transcend to a happy, healthy and energized YOU!

What can you do?

Step 1: Get Involved

First thing I ask you to do is take action.  Sign up now for my free monthly magazine to receive awareness and lifestyle wellness information direct to your inbox.  These tips are here to empower YOU in making the choices that will shift your life higher to more energy and happiness.

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Step 2: Stay Connected

Take action and things will change for you, they did for me.   On the blog I share my thick headed resistance to change and how I’ve come full circle. It wasn’t easy and I’m not proud of my belligerent resistance, but I share the steps I used to shift and change and how I continue to do so.  Life is a journey not a destination and I keep morphing.

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Step 3: “Friend” Me!

I’m a novice in social networking, but I do post here and I’d love for you to join the community.  Simply click on your favorite social medial button to join the community.

STEP 4: GOT Comments?

I definitely want them.  This website is designed to be interactive.  Click here to offer any comments, questions, suggestions, or topics for discussion. Let’s go Up Your Energy!