How to Get Through The Tough Times

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silver-lining-tough-timesLife never seems to happen exactly as we plan. Take this past week. It’s been a rather crappy one. While I’ve remained positive and optimistic throughout, it has been by choice, as this is not my natural default state. What is your natural state when life doesn’t go as planned?

If you’ve experienced a day, or weeks, that you’d rather whip from your memory banks, believe me… you’re not alone. It’s in surviving these times, in soaring and rising above the challenges of life that our character is shaped. There isn’t an experience we live through or a person we’ve met that hasn’t left their marks on us.

Some of these experiences go on to become wonderful glorious memories. Others? Well, as mentioned earlier, others we’d rather forget about. We’ve all gotten bad news, experienced pain in a relationship or felt left out and alone. But these are not what differentiate us from each other.

Rather, it’s how we rise above these experiences, how we choose to act and react to them that determines the level of pain, sadness, frustration and anxiety that we’ll internalize. On the positive side, it’s the abundance, gratitude and life lessons we take from these experiences that enable us to life full-enriched lives.

If we look for the silver linings around these experiences, we’re more apt to still feel the pain, frustration, anxiety, etc. However, we’ll recover sooner and in a healthier physical and mental state.

Speaking of healthier, we often turn to comfort foods when we’re dealing with hard times. Contrary to what our brains tell us, food does not assuage our pain, and it doesn’t make us feel better. Ok… maybe for a few minutes, but not for much longer. We should try to avoid driving into the nearest fast food drive thru or getting our head stuck in the fridge. If we don’t avoid this, the poor food choices will soon leave us feeling lethargic and flat.

What really makes us feel better is dealing with the situation, feeling the feelings of it without living there, getting out for a walk, having a glass of water and talking it out with someone who cares about us and hears what we’re saying.

So, as you close out your week, take a few minutes to consciously look for the silver linings and choose how you’ll feel about the experiences. Let this set the tone for your weekend, a weekend that you determine will be filled with love, energy and possibility.

Enjoy! It’s your weekend… make it a great one! Before you go, leave a comment below, share this on social networks and join our mailing list at the top right of this page. Awesome, thanks!

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12 thoughts on “How to Get Through The Tough Times

  1. So so true. Our mind (thoughts) really drive our body so very much. I am now in. Much more positive state but I think it’s the ice cream! Hahah. :

  2. As you say, Alie, life has it’s ups and downs and it is how we think things thru, how we internalize what we’ve learned and experienced which make us the people we are today. Great advice re the soothing, eating syndrome and talking things thru with a ‘friend’!

  3. Very powerful words. You demonstrate first hand how truly living those words lightens a load. So many just talk the talk then crumble when put to the test. Enlightened ones walk the talk no matter where their trail leads. Hats off to you. You are truly the real deal.

  4. Hi Allison. You’re blog is especially timely for me as I’ve been working to stay positive and optimistic and not let myself be overwhelmed by fearful emotions. Thank you for your words, your strength, your wisdom and your outlook.

    • Thanks Drea, staying positive when things aren’t peachy is a real testiment to ourselves. You’re strength is shining through in your words! You should be proud of yourself this is a choice you’ve made and it will serve you well. Cheers

  5. p.s. It is so true about diet and getting out doors. Eating well, walking my dog, and appreciating the beautiful place I get to live helps me to feel physically good and attain a state of gratitude.

    • Absolutely agree. A long walk outside always helps me to see the path through the forest and I’m always happy I took the time out. Isn’t gratitude an amazing practice!

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