How to Make a Healthy Mediterranean Falafel

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falafel_possibly cover photoHere in the Mediterranean, the sense community is rich and the food is delicious.  Living here has provided a wonderful opportunity to try all kinds of traditional Mediterranean foods.  One of my favorites is the crunchy falafel. Tasting wasn’t enough for me, I love these babies so much I had to learn how to make them.

I set out to find someone to teach me. Imad, a self-proclaimed chef and husband of my good friend Lene, was gracious and offered to take on the challenge.

I’m thrilled to share his recipe.  I did change up the cooking of these crunchy balls by swapping out less heat stable sunflower oil with coconut oil and used less fat overall.   I have to say, both methods work beautifully, but the coconut oil version is better for our hearts and offers the added benefit less total fat.

Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, a medium chain triglyceride, that helps to raises good HDL cholesterol and can help to restore normal thyroid function.

I invite you to enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean in your own kitchen with these these nutritious, high fiber Mediterranean Falafels.



Ration of 2:1 Dried Fava beans to dried chickpeas

Fava beans

We used 400 of dried fava to 200 grams dried chickpeaschickpeas – put in a large bowl, cover with water plus an additional few cups.  You will throw any excess water away, so don’t worry if there is too much.  Leave the beans to soak overnight.

Prepare Parsley, Coriander, Garlic, Mint Greens

parsley, mint, corriander, garlic

Put the soaked beans and green mixture through the meat grinder.

falafel mixture - out of grinder

Add 75 grams falafel spices.

falafel spice

Mixing using our hands was fun.

the chef_falafel

falafel mixing_me





Add 1 tsp baking soda.

Add 250-500 ml water, mix well.


add water to falafel

Let sit at least ½ hour and have a play with the kids.

Falafel_great to have the kids get involved too

Add salt to taste.

Shape the balls.  Imad used a homemade gadget, but an ice cream scoop or two spoons would work too.

falafel gadget

Prepare the oil, so it is very hot.

falafel traditional cooking


Deep fry until the Falafel balls float to the surface.

falafel_fryingTake Falafels out and let sit on a paper towel to absorb excess fat.

falafel_crisy nutty finished productThat is it!  Now for the healthier part. I opted out of the deep frying method and instead used 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to pan-fry the Falafels in, and I flattened them into pancake shapes.  This was for no other reason than to get greater surface area so they would be crunchy through and through.

Serve your Falafels up with a yummy red cabbage, beet and apple salad and you have a delicious, crunchy, healthy meal loaded with nutrients that are going to support your health and protect you from lifestyle illness.

Falafel_beet, red cabbage and apple saladWe’re always looking for new dinner ideas and ways to make our favorite recipes healthier while preserving the yummy factor. What’s your favorite food?  Would you like to share it? Go on, I’d love to receive it!.  Click here to send it to me and have it featured on the blog.

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Together we grow healthier.

Much love, Allison

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