It’s 4:30 AM, Surely I Should Be Sleeping

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It's 4:30 am I Should Be SleepingIt’s 4:30 am. Whitepelt, my cat, nudges my chin.  It’s time to get up and hit the rowing machine.  If only I weren’t so stiff.  I roll over to go back to sleep -but wait, I think, “I’ll feel better when it’s done.” I haul my sore aching body out of bed and walk to the rowing machine.

1 hour later – I reflect on the row.

I’m not stiff anymore, I feel great and have energy I’ve not had in months. Best of all the muscle soreness is gone.  I know it’ll return later in the day, after too much sitting. But man at this moment I feel great. I’m so happy I got up to exercise.

Not everyone is a morning exerciser. I won’t tell a lie I was delayed until 4:50 am. It took a 20 minute internal battle of should I or shouldn’t I go back to sleep -before I decided I shouldn’t.

Does this sound familiar?

Question: why didn’t I roll over and go back to sleep for another hour.

Answer:  because I’m excited about getting healthy and active again.  For 9 years I’d been limited in what I could do – that all ended with the hysterectomy.

Now fully recovered my WHY for exercise is all about doing things I’ve been unable to do in the past.  To do so, I need to be strong and have energy.  For this I need to work out and frankly it’s 4:30 or 4:50:) or nothing.

What’s your why?

Maybe you’re interests are different.  Whatever they are, to achieve them you need solid intentions.  Sorry folks without this it’s almost impossible to beat your inner voice. Believe me I’ve tried and lost on many occasions.

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed or come up with excuses to prevent us moving forward to our goals.  To keep focused and driven we rely on our intentions to drive us.

We’re responsible for our own success and our own happiness.  Yes, others can encourage us along and we thank them for their encouragement.  It is our individual selves that must do the work to reach our dreams and goals.

Here are a few tips to keep you focused.

  1. Get clear about what you want.
  2. Get clear on why you want it.

I recall many a time I stopped smoking only to restart again and again.  It wasn’t until my now husband gave me an ultimatum – cigarettes or him- that I became really clear not on what I wanted, but on why I wanted it.  Today I’ve been a non-smoker for over 12 years and I’m very happy with my choice.

Define your why and make it a really big WHY and you’ll likely succeed.

Your turn, what is your goal and why do you want it?

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