Lack of Persistence is the Greatest Cause of Failure.

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persistanceThese great words were written by Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. I love Hill’s title because it implies we can think our way to great riches, which I consider to encompass our finances, our physical being, relationships and our spiritual world.

Look at it like this, without fail the sun will rise and set we don’t have to think about it, it just happens.  No matter what the day brings it always comes to an end and tomorrow will always be a new day, never to be 100% the same as the day before.

Every day presents you with the opportunity to start afresh, to life in the light of your own brilliance, to live life more completely, to live like you want to live. Still, even with all our amazing qualities who doesn’t have life challenges and unmet desires?

The greatest thing in life is our ability to adapt our thoughts and behaviors and we can use these abilities each day to progress our lives in the direction we want them to take.

We can make positive life changes by focusing on what we choose to give and take from life.

You Must Decide and Commit

No matter what you strive for, whether it’s to spend more time with the kids, to lose a little weight, to feel better in your body or mind, to live a healthier lifestyle, or to have a full and fulfilling social life you’ll have to make a commitment to attain it.

According to Hill “The starting point of all achievement is desire….Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.  If you find yourself lacking in persistence, this weakness may be removed by building a stronger fire under your desires”

Dare to Dream

What would life be like if?  See a picture of it in your mind.  Now, go get it, go create it, go make it happen!.  No matter what today brings,  face it with a commitment and determination, things like;

  • I will choose to stay committed and work towards my goals – I will not get distracted or sidelined.
  • I will choose to fuel my body with foods that support and nourish it– I will limit or eliminate foods that that counter my efforts i.e chocolate, sugar and junk food.
  • I will choose to move my body and inhale deeply – I will not be a friend of the couch.
  • I will choose to see the bright side of life – I will not get bogged down in all the negative chatter about the world, other people, or minor bickering.
  • I will choose to be grateful for all that I have – I will not compare myself to others.
  • I will choose to foster positive relationships – I will not talk over others.  I’ll accept constructive comments and leave unconstructive comments aside.
  • I will choose to spend time with people who energize me – I will not allow others to zap my energy or leave me feeling mentally drained.

Imagine what your life would be like if you made a conscious choice……….to make a conscious choice ;-)  Do you think you’d feel happier, more content, more at peace, more energized, more successful?

If your not sure, give it a try and let me know by leaving a comment.

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photo  Cara McGuire

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