Lifestyle Creep: Keep it in the Green

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stop-light-greenIf I asked you, “What are your life’s ambitions,” your answer might be something like: earn a decent salary, be an entrepreneur, climb the corporate ladder, raise happy, healthy, well adjusted kids, retire early, have a cottage at the lake, get away for a holiday every year, etc. These are great ambitions….ambitions I, too, strive for.

Whatever your ambition, I bet you’ve spent some time puzzling out how to make it happen. Maybe you’ve started a retirement, education or holiday savings plan? Maybe you have your kids in lessons or spend time introducing them to new experiences? Maybe you’ve even decided where you’d like to retire? Of course, you’ll have enough energy to do the work required to get that job, to shuttle the kids, to travel and, ultimately, enjoy your retirement and live long enough to experience the joys of watching your grandkids play at the cottage. Right?!?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic pill that would ensure life’s ambitions became realities? Alas, no such pill exists. But YOU have the power within yourself to make lifestyle choices and personal commitments that will significantly impact your energy and your health today and into the future.

Internal commitments that will keep you in the green, like:

  • I will maintain a healthy weight.
  • I will regulate my blood sugar.
  • I will get off / stay off blood pressure medication.
  • I will get off / stay off cholesterol medication.

If you could make these commitments, and hold yourself to them, do you think you would be able to sustain your energy levels, have reduced risk of developing cancer, heart disease or diabetes and live a longer healthier life? Let me help you with the answer. Yes! There are no guarantees, but these commitments are akin to a magic pill.

When you make these types of commitments, you put a stop to that slow creep that can otherwise insidiously occur over the years. I call it “lifestyle creep.” It’s so slow that you might not even notice it. But it does eventually come with very noticeable side effects (extra weight, medication side effects, reduced life span, treatments for diabetes, obesity, cancer, mental health issues, self-image issues, etc.) that impact the quality of your life and zap your energy levels. As we need to keep our energy levels up in order to accomplish our goals and enjoy our lives, these are commitments well worth making.

I hope you commit to yourself to keep it in the green. Do it for yourself, your health and your family.

If you would like some help with this commitment, lets jump on the phone and have a chat about how you can overcome this. Click here and we’ll get a time scheduled to explore how you can  turn this around!

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To your committments and health,

Love Allison

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