No; New Year Resolutions

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This year, I invite you to join to me in resisting the temptation to make a New Year’s Resolution.  If you’re reading this after the fact, well, it’s never too late to undo a resolution.  In fact, it’s probably better to consciously undo it now than to go gun ho on a resolution only to have it fall by the wayside a few weeks down the road, unless of course you’re one of those amazingly committed people, in which case I envy you and your resolve.

If, on the other hand, you, like me, have difficulties sticking to the high road-  just let this year’s resolution pass.  You’ll ultimately feel better because you won’t have reason to beat yourself up for lacking conviction and strength of character to follow through on your commitments.

I mean, if it were as simple as making a resolution we would all have more savings, be ecstatically happy and be the picture of health.  The reality is we, generally speaking, are none of these things.  America alone has 16 trillion dollars of debt and the Euro zone is facing major economic difficulties with Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy up to their knees in debt.  We have a globesity epidemic on our hands and sadly depression and suicide are on the rise. NO, resolutions don’t work!

This year, instead of a quick fix, why not commit to baby steps. Lets tomorrow, and each day of 2013, agree to take a good look at where we’re at in our lives in relation to where we want to be.  Ouch, is often the response.  If it weren’t we’d have no resolutions to make.

Start 2013 by making small, but consistent steps towards the life you want. How? By making the choices you need make to take you there, choices you 100% control!

You know the mechanical bull, the one at the fair or exhibition that spins in circles, bucking wildly to throw you off? If you’ve ever tried it you’ll know it’s great fun.  The thrill is in trying to stay on it, the faster it spins and bucks the tighter you hold.

Do you know what happens when it bucks you off?  After you recover from the shock, you have a laugh, get up, dust yourself off and stand in line to try it again. That bull is going to be our life this year.  Each buck it throws at us we’re going to commit to hanging on and when we fall off, which we will, we’ll dust ourselves off, have a chuckle and get right back on.

So, let’s jump on and make some decisions that will have a positive impact on our lives.  Decisions that will take us in the direction we want our lives to go. Will you start, or will I?  Ok, I’ll start.

Financial: I’m working toward saving a year’s salary.  I’ve been working on this for a few years, it takes time, I’ll keep plugging away at it.  I finally paid off my credit card debt and now I refuse to use it unless I have the cash on hand to pay the bill when it comes in and I don’t mean with my savings.

Personal: Creative development, this blog is helping me with this.  In 2013, I’ll continue writing and sharing, I hope you’ll join me here.

Family: Spend more quality time with the kids, hubby and my extended family.  Yep, I live on the other side of the world so quality won’t necessarily mean together time, rather, time writing and talking and connecting on a deeper level.

Health: I’ll strive for making healthy lifestyle and food choices daily.  I don’t want to climb Everest, but I’d like to live a long healthy life, free of major ailments and disease.

These healthy lifestyle choices are about healthy habits, habits that will bring positive lasting changes that you and I can feel good about.

Let’s have a look at some healthy habits.

1.  Go ahead and enjoy your food, heck even love it, just watch that portion size.

2.  Eat a wide variety of foods and avoid labelling a food as good or bad. Ok, there is an exception; sugary drinks like coca-cola are bad, bad, bad! Reduce or eliminate them.

3.  Eat for life instead of living to eat. Listen to your internal hunger cues, if you haven’t heard your stomach rumble for awhile this is a sign you’re eating too frequently and possibly too much.

4.  Eat foods high in dietary fiber.

5.  Learn how to cook.

6.  Exercise often, walk, run, jump, swim, etc.

I think a healthy lifestyle all boils down to exercise, eating delicious healthful foods in moderation and having a positive frame of mind.

In summary, no fantastic earth moving resolutions, instead, a commitment to making the choices you want/need to make to attain the healthy lifestyle you desire and deserve.  If you flounder in your commitment, remember the bull, just dust yourself off and climb back on.  With each fall you’ll learn how to stay on a little longer.

Tomorrow is a day off; I’ll be whipping up some delicious fruity bran muffins, these taste fantastic, are healthy and will inspire you to test your culinary skills. Drop by to discover how to increase your dietary fiber intake and why it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

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I wish you all health and happiness in 2013, Happy New Year.

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2 thoughts on “No; New Year Resolutions

  1. Wise words as ever Allison, and that’s no bull 😉

    I’ll be intrigued to hear some of your tips for saving – impressed at the idea of saving a year’s salary, and eager to learn some of the ways you’ve been going about it. Maybe a subject for a longer blog in the new year?

    All the best of health and happiness to you and your family in the coming year. My daughter and I will be following your blog and trying out some more of your delicious recipes.


    • Hi Annelise, Saving a year’s salary is no small feat. I’ve been working on this for a number of years and have finally reached the half way point. I can honestly say it is something that gains momentum over time, like all things it takes practice to rein in my spending habits. Today I posted a blog that addresses some of the techniques I’ve used to save money. I hope you find the tips helpful. Happy saving in 2013!

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