Opening Up About My Diagnosis: Part 2

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Only days away from surgery, and I’m choosing to remain in a calm, positive place.  I’m spending this time with family and remaining as upbeat as possible.  However, I can’t help but focus on a few things: wondering why, the importance of self-advocacy and reaching out for help.

As I’m not someone who would be considered high risk for aneurysms, the word why (and how) keeps creeping into my thoughts.  Hopefully, someone will be able to provide a definitive answer….but that answer may not be so easy to come by.

I’d like each of you know how important it is to trust your own inner voice and speak up for what you believe.  Oh, and that “it’s all in your head” justification that some doctors love to share?  If you know that is just not true….take action.  It could save your life.

Finally, I’d like to reach out to all of you and ask for your help, your ideas and your support.  I go into more detail in the video, but wanted to make sure you all know how much I appreciate you and your support during this time.

I’ll likely report in again from the hospital, so…..until then!

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8 thoughts on “Opening Up About My Diagnosis: Part 2

  1. Allison you are incredible and so strong !! Your message is so true and reminds me of being more aware of our inner voice that’s ALWAYS right! All the best to you and tons of confidence that you already have! We’re all waiting and expecting a soon recovery ! Love michaela

  2. When Brian had his anuyerism 10 yrs ago they said it was mostly hereditary.
    Go back in your family history and check. When
    Mom had hers a year ago we were told the same thing.
    Lifestyle can be part of it but we were told it was familial.

    • Hi Bev, it’s great to know that Brian is 10 years on with no complications or reoccurrence, that is soooo encouraging.

      We’ve had preliminary lab reports bad that shows no unusual inflammatory response, so it could be genetic. That’s good news because at lest I know if I monitor I shouldn’t have further unexplained growths?

      Thanks for sharing, it helped relieve my stress and concern and I greatly appreciate it.
      Big hug

  3. Hi Allison,
    All our best wishes for a successful surgery. I can tell you are stressed about the multiple aneurysm question so I checked a bit and it seems it is not uncommon. 20% of people with one aneurysm have a second coincident one, see these sources.

    It may be comforting to know it’s not just you. Small comfort I am sure.

    Sending hugs!


    • Thanks Laurie, I checked out the links and though I don’t have any answers my stress levels are much reduced. The doc is pleased with the surgery and so now we wait to see what happens with the other one. Fingers crossed!!

  4. Allison,
    Baffles the mind as to why these things happen. I feel confident that, with all the people who follow your site, perhaps your question of “why” has a better chance of being pursued. You are in my thoughts. I feel your strength and positive energy.
    Love Elaine

    • Thanks Elaine. I think more than anything I get strength from you and others that read the blog. It’s just so nice to know I’m not alone. That I have support and that I can ask for help. Thank you for being here for me!

      Xo allison

  5. Thank you, Allie, for airing your videos re your coming surgery. I know you are reaching out and helping many, many people thru your honesty and caring. For me, personally, you have touched my heart, you have helped me see how important it is we listen to our inner voice and move forward to fulfill our ‘purpose’ for being on this earth. It is ‘Our Life, our Choice’ and you have made this clear thru sharing and caring for not only yourself but others as well. Mom

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