Pop the Bubbly

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pop-the-bubblyHow often do you pop the bubbly?

Life is filled with successes and lack of success, but have you ever noticed which of the two you spend most of your time thinking and talking about?

Do you walk around telling people how great you are because you raised kids you’re proud of? Do you revel in your achievement of cooking a delicious meal that everyone ate? Do you stand naked in front of the mirror and think, “Not bad!”? Do you jump for joy when you get a promotion and then complement yourself on all of your hard work and preparation?

There are a million times in our lives when we could celebrate, but I’ve realized that all too often we accept these successes as part of life and move along. We might pay attention to those major successes, but we don’t take the time to properly acknowledge the small ones. What we need to realize is that all of our life successes are so incredible. Our ability to persevere, to make our dreams and values come into being and – yes – to make an awesome dinner are amazing things that ought to be celebrated.

In this celebration, we become happier….not because we’re treating ourselves, but because we are acknowledging ourselves, our hard work, our dedication, our perseverance, our ability to love, etc.

We’re prone to not giving ourselves credit for arriving to where we are. We pass over our achievements quickly and move on to the next thing. But when it comes to our limitations and learning experiences….oh gosh do we dwell there! We rehash what we could have done better, what we shouldn’t have said or done, etc. We dwell on the negatives, thinking that if only we could write better, negotiate stronger, speak more clearly and assertively, etc…. we’d be somewhere different than where we are today. We convince ourselves that we’d be happier, thinner, more successful, more loved….you name it, and we’d have it.

But the truth is, dwelling on the should haves and could haves doesn’t get us to where we want to be. Sure, sometimes we need to think about these things in order to learn from our mistakes. But – again – dwelling on them for long periods of time does nothing but drain our energy and stress us out.

You and I are so special. We are unique individuals. There is no one else like us.

If you don’t believe those statements, then you can train yourself to start believing…..start knowing.

I just did an amazing exercise that blew my mind, and I’d love for you to do it too.

Take a moment and think about your recent successes. Better yet? Write them down in a notebook. Remember, they don’t have to be major life events….but they could be. From a big promotion to finally not burning that new recipe you’ve been trying to master….write them all down. Every last one of them.

Look over your list. Is it a long list? A short one? Let this motivate you to start noticing your successes. Then, come back a few days later and make a new list. Keep doing this, and you will train yourself to recognize your successes – big and small – and start to focus on them rather than on the negative things that deplete our energy.

Finally, I’d like to you to celebrate! Celebrate you and all your glory, all of the things you’ve done, all of the things to which you’ve contributed, all of the things you have given without a second thought. Pop the bubbly or find any way you can to celebrate. Today is about you celebrating you!

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8 thoughts on “Pop the Bubbly

  1. Thank you, Allie, for reminding us ‘all’ we are special, unique people. You are so right! Most of us do have a tendancy to dwell on the ‘negative’ rather than the ‘positive’ regarding what is going on in life and your article has brought awareness it is our ‘choice’, once again, as to whether we continue or not. I am going to write out my list of ‘positives’ and celebrate my many blessings. Love you, Mom

  2. I love the idea of training ourselves to focus on the smaller successes! You’re so right….those usually come and go with no recognition. I will definitely be writing out a few lists!

    • Hi Jill, How did your lists come along? Another tip is to keep a shoe box and deposit your lists then at the end of the year go back and review all of your achievements. Cheers

  3. Hi Allison. It was very interesting to make a list that includes even small victories. My list was a shorter than I had hoped, but when I remembered to include even minor accomplishments, it grew. I want to keep doing this now and then to train myself to notice the small stuff (I tend to dwell on the negative at times). It was very nice to have a list of positive things. I actually put mine up on the fridge so that I would see it throughout the week and remember to focus on the positive….not the negative. I really like your shoe box idea!

    • Hi Jill, I love that you put your list on the fridge. Now that a little time has passed, I’m checking in to see how you’re doing on writing your list. I know it’s easy to get distracted by life, and hope this little accountability check-in will reignite the flames of acknowledgement should they have waned.

      I hope you have a wonderful acknowledging weekend!

  4. Hi Allison. Funny you checked in because I did get totally distracted. I haven’t made another list – or added to my current one – but I do want to get back into it. I really felt more positive when I had this list of accomplishments to look at every day.

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