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Reduce Belly Bloat and Have More Energy

I am so happy to have been referred to Allison and her 11 day energy reboot.  She gave me a step by step program including recipes, shopping lists, and helpful advice to walk me through the program.  Having her as a resource throughout the process was a huge asset. 

It was definitely a learning experience and I was able to figure out what the triggers were that made me feel good, and even more important what made me feel bad.  I could tell, when I would deviate from the plan, what would zap my energy and what made my stomach feel awful.  I don’t own a scale, however I did notice a huge difference in how my clothes felt and much of the belly bloat went away. 

I am excited to do the Energy Reboot again.  Now that I know what to expect and what worked for me, I think it will be even better the second time around. Stay tuned…

Teresa Mingo

Diverticulis and Weight Loss

 Jason here, I wanted to take the time and thank you for the awesome time I had learning and growing with you. Before I met you I had just came out of the hospital and was diagnosed with Diverticulitis, I was in bad shape.  I had never learned how different foods can affect different people or how I could benefit from eating different foods.  

By working with you I learned a lot about what foods work for my body, especially now that I am living with Diverticulitis. Since working with you I have also lost an additional 8-9 Lbs of weight which has really helped me recover faster, so that i could get back to eating solid foods.  I would recommend you to anyone looking for help with eating right and what they need as an individual to get the most out of the food they eat.

Thanks again Allison, you have been a great help to me.  Don’t stop what your doing.

Jason San

Reducing Inflammation and Losing Excess Weight

Allison was part of a series we featured at CNF, where Health Experts came to educate customers about their services.

Allison’s warmth and sincerity really captured my attention. As we talked, I let her know how much I wanted to release some excess weight and get rid of inflammation in my body that had gone awry.

When I took the leap and signed up with her, the Energy Reboot program I received was incredibly helpful. Within a very short time, I felt more energy, more focused, and had less joint painI felt strong and happy with this new direction. I also saw results!

Allison’s coaching was another thing. She deciphered a theme for me, as well, that I hadn’t put into words before; She supported me in my vision and facilitated an ‘aha’ moment. I saw results and I still see results. This is a livable program and she is a phenomenal coach. A coach who has good news, and deals with what is real, in a very loving way.

Do yourself a favour and invest in your overall good health with Allison. I decided good health was and is my number 1 priority. You can’t help others until you help yourself. Daily!

Thanks Allison……..Skjelly (shelly)

The Doctor’s Couldn’t Help Me

It’s extremely frustrating when you know something is not right with you, and doctors can’t give you any answers. For a few years now, every time I ate I felt sick. I always complained my stomach hurt and as the years went on symptoms became worse. I went to my family doctor and went through thorough testing to get my stomach and intestinal system checked out. Every test came back the same – nothing was wrong. I just gave up and ate everything and came to terms with feeling tired, unhappy and genuinely crappy.

Finally frustrated enough I decided I wanted to be able to pinpoint why I was feeling this way, and I wanted to stop feeling like my eating habits and how my body reacted to food, controlled my life. Allison had asked me not to write a testimony but rather share my experience. I have to say though that working with Allison has finally made me feel in control and comfortable with the new annoying changes happening to my body (in relation to how I react to food). She took the time to understand my frustrations and helped me recognize that I wasn’t alone.

For the first time feel like I understand my body, how healthy eating habits can benefit/ effect many aspects of my life but mostly how to continue eating in a way that makes me feel good about myself. The Energy Reboot recipes, talks and tools Allison provided, helped me to feel confident in my eating choices both at home and when at restaurants with friends. I no longer feel ashamed that I’m ordering gluten free meals without being medically diagnosed.

Understanding what, why and how things effect you is key in moving past your frustrations and being positive about your life (or at least it helped me!).

It took a long time for me to actually address my issues and stop making excuses; but talking things through and getting support was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Thanks again!!!

Victoria :)

Low Energy, Stomach Pain and Life Coaching
I first met Allison at Community Health Food store.  I was interested in the different drink recipes she had and as we chatted I came to know that she also provided nutrition and life counselling. At that point in time I was struggling with periodic stomach pain and extremely low energy.  I am a very active individual and a Jr High Teacher…  The lack of energy was really affecting my ability to do my job at the level I expect of myself, run, bike, and play sports like I usually do.  After doing some research on Allison I decided to give her a try. Allison provided a safe, nurturing environment where I was able to share what was going on in my life and feel comfortable doing it.  We started off with mostly nutritional things; I did the Up Your Energy Detox and moved into an elimination diet where I discovered that I was reacting negatively to dairy.  I already knew I was celiac, but did not realize how much dairy was affecting my stomach health and therefor affecting my energy and stress levels.  After sorting out the dietary portion, we started discussing more of the psychological side of diet… What were my triggers, when was I temped to bing or cheat on my diet (having chocolate or ice cream…which made me feel awful!).  This approach of not only nutritional advice, but life counselling has not only helped me increase my energy, but allow me to realize when I am getting stressed and how to manage it.  
I really appreciated how many open and honest conversations we had throughout the time I worked with Allison.  I felt comfortable and able to discuss whatever was going on in my life.  This really helped me take my health and wellbeing into my own hands.  I was able to make and maintain lifestyle changes and now have a wealth of tools to go forward with.  I now feel like I can put energy into my work life and still have lots of energy left over to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle outside of work.  
I would recommend anyone to Allison who was struggling with different aspects of their diet, lack of energy, looking to lose weight, or just for a life coach to discuss stress or other life struggles.
Andrina N.  

Blood Sugar Management, Weight Loss and Lethargy 

I am writing this testimonial in Support of Allison TUFFS work as a Nutrionist and Lifestyle coach as it has changed my lifestyle and I have achieved my goals.

Prior to seeing Allison I was rarely testing my blood sugar levels, even though I am a type two diabetic, where by levels were consistently in the 8’s and 9’s; I was generally tired and lethargic and wanted to gain control of my weight and get that extra energy that I needed to commence physical activity. I was also having relationship issues.

I began working with Allison on my holidays when she completed a thorough medical history, social activity inventory of my lifestyle, which was not very flattering upon reflection.

When we started Allison set out what foods I needed to include in my diet and what foods I needed to reduce or eliminate from my diet together with an exercise regime that suited my physical abilities.

The recipes that she supplied were to me surprise were quiet good and included foods that I have generally steered clear of, but were required to help regulate my blood sugar levels. When combined this with regular physical activity my blood levels began to fall and were in the 6’s range with and occasional 7, mainly when I strayed from the program. I am actually eating more vegetables than I thought I could eat and enjoying it immensely.

To help lose weight I began to use the burst method, i.e. 20-30 seconds of hard physical activity when I had finished my walk. Again this was very beneficial in my quest to lose weight.

The program that Allison put together has seen an increase in my physical levels; better control over my blood sugar levels; a more contented person who can relate to issues and behave in the appropriate manner; I have started a new relationship as a result of this renewed energy and self-satisfaction.

I generally am reluctant to supply references or testimonials but on this occasion I fell that I must as Allison has change my lifestyle and improved the quality of my life and I am now more confident and wanting to engage in any activity.



Preparing for a Health Pregnancy

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Weight Loss, Afternoon Energy Crashes and More

Good Morning!

I wanted to thank you so very much for all your help with guiding me to a healthier and happier me!!!

No better day to thank you than today.  You have helped me with so much!!! Your suggestions, meal plans, and lifestyle guidance has been so valuable.  The weight gain has stopped and I even lost 10 pounds!!

My afternoon crashes are few and far between now, I have a more positive outlook on life and I’m making more time for myself (although this is still a work in progress).

For the first time years, I’m tune with my body, how it feels and what to do when it doesn’t feel good.  I have learned to tune in an do a personal inventory on what the cause is.

Your coaching has helped me to make better food and lifestyle choices which I am enjoying.  My cravings for foods that don’t support me aka the ‘bad foods’ are less frequent – in fact almost never.  I’m thankful that I no longer feel the emotion that I am missing out.  Now the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Your constant support – always positive – and knowledge on gut health, nutrition, mental clarity, etc… have had such a massive impact on me life choices. And not only on me…… but also my family.

I have been able to retrain the thought process on how I look at food and my overall health has benefitted greatly.


Heather Tuffs


Child with Difficulty Breathing, Poor Immunity and Skin Rashes

Lene Safieddine

Lene Safieddine

A big applause for Allison. Allison has been a great support in helping my 12 years old daughter to be healthy again.

When we first contacted Allison, Sarah was experiencing very severe headaches 24/7 and breathing difficulties (she couldn´t run and was very fatigued when going up stairs). In addition, she suffered throat infections, colds, skin rashes and hives.

Sarah´s problem started about 10 month earlier when she started to have headaches and problems with her breathing. The doctor diagnosed her with sinusitis.  For months she was treated with antibiotics nose sprays and allergy pills. She took anti-biotics for about 7 month straight. It took 5 month for the sinus infection to clear but after that Sarah still had severe headaches and breathing difficulties!! Then she started having constant colds and sore throats which for which she was treated with yet more antibiotics finally, she started having skin rashes and hives.

Then I talked to Allison.  She is my friend and had been following from the sideline – constantly telling me that Sarah might have a ”leaky gut” from all the medication. AND finally I listened to her wise words.

Allison put Sarah on a three week elimination diet, where we took out the top 7 allergen foods from Sarah’s diet and one by one added them back in to see what was causing the problem. With Alison´s ideas and guidance it actually wasn´t too difficult.

3 days into the new diet Sarah’s headaches had almost disappeared. After a week they had totally disappeared and her breathing was back to normal. YES !

With Allison’s help we learned how important it is to think before you eat, especially if you are on medication. She gave us inspiration to change our eating habits. She gave us new recipes and cooking lessons and introduced us to the world of probiotics.  Slowly we changed our habits or should I say we are changing our habits- because it takes time and we are still working on it.

Today, Sarah is eating a more balanced diet, and hasn’t had one single cold since she changed her diet. We are still following the guidelines Allison gave us, so hopefully, we can stay free of doctors and medications.

I can strongly recommend working with Allison- she knows what she is talking about.

A thousand thanks for helping me and my family
From a happy Mother

Lene Safieddine

Weight Loss and Heart Burn

Two and a half months ago when I visited Allison for the first time, I had bad and irregular eating habits, lacked exercise and basically did not feel all too happy about the world. The main reasons why I went to Allison in the first place were to improve my eating habits, have more energy during the day and just have a better and healthier lifestyle. Of course, losing a few kilos was also on the agenda. I suffered from chronic shoulder pain and was sincerely hoping to get back into a regular exercise mode.

We started by analyzing my eating habits, cravings that needed to be addressed and where I can substitute certain foods with others. A good thing I noticed was that any recommendation made came with a thorough explanation as to why it is better, which for an analytical person like myself is a key ingredient.

We made a lot of progress over the two months.  By improving my food choices, and especially vegetable intake, my energy level rose, and I started feeling better. I got into cycling and more walking, which also helped my general well-being. I started to shake of some extra weight, and slept better as well.

I think Allison has a good system, worth a try, she is motivated and passionate about helping others. She always had positive support for me, and a word of encouragement when required.

Thank you and good luck Allison!

Leon Leow