Stop Super Sizing Your Diet For Better Health

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The question is,  “does super-sizing impact on your health and does size really matter?”

Yes, it definitely does!

North America loves to super-size, jumbo-size, up-size, double-size and triple-size everything from cereal boxes, to coffee, to fast food takeaway. Our pursuit of value for money has led us to become over consumers and overweight.

Each year, adults and children across the developed world get heavier and develop weight related illnesses. The diet industry is more than happy to help us lose weight and we believe them!  We spend money, and lots of it, on diet pills, diet plans, diet books and diet foods all promising to reduce our waistline – all to no avail!

Sure the weight comes off, for awhile, but when the diet ends, which it almost always does, those pounds or kilograms come sneaking slowly back.

We are told, super-sizing provides value for money. Why buy two regulars when it costs a fraction more for the larger size? Corporations aren’t silly, they’re in the business to make a buck, and they do it by selling us super-sized food.

Super-sized products appear to provide value for money.  The reality is they don’t!  Instead they add to your waistline, your out of pocket expenses and eventually lead to declining health.  Some bargain!

Want to stop the insanity?  Take control of your health and diet today.  Here’s how:

  • Stop super-sizing fast food and junk food.

Instead, try moderation! If that’s all you do for a month or a year, keeping everything else the same, you will lose or maintain your weight. You don’t have to diet, I’m a strong advocate against it, just stop super-sizing!!!  You will be healthier, have more energy and feel better.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Super Sizing Your Diet For Better Health

  1. Dear Allison

    Slightly off point, but last night I went to see a movie (Les Miserables – excellent movie, but that’s even further off point). The movie was 2 hrs 40 and I usually struggle to stay awake and attentive with a standard length movie; I was very annoyed with myself that I’d forgotten to carry my own snacks as I usually do.

    So getting to the point now; I bought a small bottle of water ($4.25) a small popcorn ($6.00) and a “Small Drink 32 oz” ($4.75). There’s just so much wrong with this. The price nearly made me fall over for a start and then I saw the size of the “Small” drink – it was the size of a bucket. And that was the SMALL. All around me people were getting even bigger buckets than I was. And get this – if I bought large (popcorn or drink) I would have been entitled to free refills. I’m not sure whether I’m more affronted by the waste as people discard half of these enormous portions, the cost, the impact on the environment of the oversized packaging, or the marketing that drives people to these dangerous excesses.

    So that’s my new year’s (non) resolution – don’t ever forget to pack my own snacks or I know I’ll end up paying – financially and healthfully.

    Thanks again, Annelise

    • Hi Annalise, There is so much about your comment that I like, thank you for taking the time to leave one!
      I fully agree with the insanity of convenience food especially at the theater. I regret to say the prices, poor food options are no better here in Lebanon. It’s really rather disappointing when all that’s on offer is high priced junk with the minor exception of overpriced water. Carmel popcorn and blue raspberry slushies are the rage. I wonder why the kids feel sick after the movie?
      I love your resolution and will also adopt it.
      Thanks again,

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