Summer Fun or Angst: You’re Loved for You Not Your Body

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Summer Fun or Angst: You're Loved for You Not Your BodyMy concept of a healthy lifestyle (healthy body, mind & spirit) isn’t about focusing on losing weight to achieve the perfect body image. I’m bringing this up now because it’s summer and it’s time to swim.  Swimming means bathing suits and showing off our bodies.

For many of us this means stress due to feeling self conscious in our bathers.  These feelings aren’t surprising given the body-image stereotypes today’s media shoves down our throats.

Images that portray the picture perfect airbrushed body with long legs, beautiful hair and not an ounce of fat. Let’s not forget the wrinkles. If you aren’t a beach goer, trust me this is not the reality.

Some people go so far as to avoid the beach totally and avoid wearing short sleeves and shorts outside of the house believing they aren’t beautiful or that someone might make a snide remark about their appearance.

You’re Unique – Here’s the thing.  You are who you are, we all come in different shapes and sizes and everyone’s at the beach to have fun and stay cool. Some have their butts hangin out while others are covered head to toe.  It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you wear. What matters is that you’re being yourself and having fun in the process.

If you’ve faced ridicule over your weight, if you’re embarrassed to wear shorts, I want you to know you are loved.  Not for your body, but for who you are. For what you contribute through your spirit.

Part of a happy healthy lifestyle is to be you, to the core. Don’t strive to be, or worry about being what anyone i.e the media tells you you should be.

Be yourself, this is road to happiness.

Let the negative labels others apply off you, never permeating your inner you, they don’t affect you, just be yourself.

This is your life, you can choose to shine in your own beauty and to quiet your inner self-consciousness.

Put you’re shorts on and head to the beach, enjoy the feeling of the water lapping at your toes and let the warmth of the sun fill you.  Take a deep breath in, hold it for a moment and let it go.  You’re ok just the way you are.

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