Teleseminar March 2014

You’re Invited!  Join Allison Tuffs for a How to Up Your Energy Training!

ATTN: ALL Who Want to have More Energy, Vitality and Living in their Day!


A special message from Allison:

Hi everyone! I have been working really hard preparing a special training where I’ll share a unique approach to how you can achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. One where the focus isn’t on dieting or taking away foods you love, but based on accepting those foods or drinks as part of your being,  and adding in new foods and new perspective that help you to feel more alive, awake and -frankly- more empowered.

I look at you, the individual, as exactly that….an individual.  A beautiful person who generates energy, warmth and love.  One who deserves to be appreciated, not only by others, but from yourself.  I believe there is no “one-size fits all” approach to increasing our energy.  I believe that through a sharp focus on your food preferences and working within healthy boundaries, we can add more energy to your day, and we all know what more energy means….more fun, more je ne sais qua and a more positive view of the day.  Standard approaches to weight loss come with a requirement to look at cookie-cutter ways to achieve energy and vitality.  But there is nothing cookie-cutter about my individual approach.  Achieving our results comes from the drive within us.

So, are you ready to open up your flood gates and let the energy and vitality flow through you?

Often, to get the energy flowing, we need to identify those things that are robbing us of our life force and reducing our ability to do the things we most want to do.  Without energy, we lack the ability to get up and go!  Some might say this is due to a lack of time or priorities, but I know that’s not the case.  None of us are inherently lazy or un-wanting.  Rather, it’s the lack of energy and gusto that prevents people from moving towards their dreams.

I’m talking about taking your day and ramping up your energy not by eliminating your favorite foods, but by adding in foods and experiences that will energize you.

I’ve gone through this process in my own life.  I’ve been there and gotten my mojo back.  Now, I want to share how I did it….how I infused my life with more energy, passion, enthusiasm and joy….so that you could do it too!  After all, I’m not special.  I’ve felt tired, lethargic, unmotivated, and I’ve solved it.

If you want find or increase your mojo (a.k.a. energy and vitality!), then you’re in luck.  Register for this FREE one-hour teleseminar replay if you’d like to discover the 4 Must-Focus-on-Areas that massively impact your energy, health and vitality….in 2014 and beyond!

  • What you eat, not a cookie cutter diet, but what you need for your body
  • How you feel
  • How you move your body
  • How you express yourself

Join me now and learn the how to add more energy to your life.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, but tons of energy and living to gain.