The Eyes Have It: A Simple Snack

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Eyes Have It: A Simple SnackAs we get older so too do our eyes. Eating foods high in Vitamin A, in the form of Beta-carotene, is good for our eyes and our health. A good source of Beta-carotene is the carrot.

The carrot, a crunchy root vegetable, when eaten on a regular basis can help prevent night blindness, cataracts, and macular degeneration.  Oh dear, while you may not have heard of macular degeneration I’m sure you know some older people with cataracts or who’ve had cataract removal surgery to help them see.

For most of us young folk we don’t worry about such things. They’re older people’s problems a million miles away from our worries or thought process. That is until, we’re diagnosed with them or start to notice that our arms aren’t quite long enough and wonder when they started making book print smaller.

How to tell if you’re eyes need some tender loving care.

Do you hold a book or menu further away than normal? Can you read the fine print on a medicine bottle? Do you have a hard difficulty seeing while driving at night? Maybe you’ve invested in a pair of reading glasses or have stopped driving at night.

These are common signs the eyes are aging.  The best time to prevent eye damage is before it occurs, but if you’re like me and have missed the boat – I’m lost without my reading glasses – you can still take corrective action that will help to slow further deterioration.

Look! Here comes the carrot to the rescue.  This orange vegetable, native to Afghanistan, when eaten on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet provides enough Vitamin A to protect our eyes, and in the case of night blindness may be corrective.

I personally can verify this to be true.  I used to have night blindness but since I’ve started eating carrots daily I no longer have this social limiting problem (It’s hard to go out if you can’t drive).

Eating Tips

There are so many ways to enjoy carrots ranging from the complex to simple.  Here are a few you can try at home.

  • Carrot Salad: Grate carrots and apple and mix together with a few raisins
  • Add carrots to soups and stews
  • Candied carrots: Steam your carrots and then toss in 1 tbsp (25 ml) melted butter and sugar
  • Brighten up your mashed potato by adding a few carrots to the cooking pot

There are so many ways to fancy them up.  Sometimes though, I just can’t be bothered to chop, grate, dice or cook and that’s ok because carrots are great all by themselves.  Here’s my favorite way to enjoy a carrot as a healthy snack.

The Eyes Have It: A Simple SnackThat right, straight from the ground (or grocer) given a good wash and then crunch…. Simple, delicious and best of all no clean up required.

Build carrots into your healthy lifestyle. Eating just one medium to large carrot a day will help to protect your vision today and for years to come.

Have you had a carrot today?

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One thought on “The Eyes Have It: A Simple Snack

  1. I love carrots but so often in the winter they taste like cardboard. Is the nutritional value decreased in bought bagged carrots. I’ve heard they wash them in bleach. It this bad for you?

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