The Post Christmas Recovery

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Today is the 27th of December and I’m starting to get my energy back. Our festivities started Christmas Eve as we decorated the gingerbread house. I should say we decorated the parts of the gingerbread house we could get to stay together. Turns out the walls of the house have to be at right angles or they don’t join properly and the glue icing can’t hold it together. I have a new appreciation for carpenter’s skills.

Christmas day started bright and early, I’m talking 5:30 early! When the kids couldn’t contain their excitement anymore and woke us to see if Santa had made his way to our home.   We shared the day with our families in Canada and Australia, thank you Skype, and with friends who joined us for a dinner around 3:00 pm.

I tell you, there is nothing like having a house full of guest’s only hours after a cyclone tore through it. Needless to say there was a bit of cleaning involved, and stuffing of the turkey.  All well worth the enjoyable meal and great company that followed.

But, the 26th well.. I’ll leave the malls and shopping to everyone else, we were all exhausted, thankfully the kids slept late.  I woke up feeling a little worse for wear, possibly one too many glasses of Gluvine – mulled wine.  I headed for the kitchen to make a turkey mash of leftover turkey, dressing and frika also called green spelt – a dietary grain with a nutty flavor, high in protein and nutrients – drizzled with gravy and of course a much needed cup of java.

You can see the lovely Frika here, this grain is very common in the Middle East but is gaining in popularity at home. Try it as an alternative to rice or potatoes and you’ll add variety and new nutrients to your diet.

The celery added some crunch and antioxidants like vitamin C.

With my tummy full and the kids happily playing with Christmas presents, I settled in for an afternoon of reading books and relaxing.  All was fine until hunger struck.  After the indulgences of the last few days all I wanted was clean crisp food and lots of cold water.

This really hit the spot! Loaded with dietary fiber and nutrients,  5 grams of dietary fiber in the apple alone, my digestive system was definitely starting to fire on all cylinders.    But, it didn’t end there. The munchies took over again; this time I turned to an old favorite a big bowl of popcorn, can’t beat the comfort of popcorn on a cold afternoon.

I hate to admit it, but yes supper was leftover turkey hash and a lovely cold refreshing beer. The kids went off to bed with Vic and I close on their heals.  Our heads hit the pillow and it was good night for us.

I hope you all had a lovely day.  I encourage you to explore the world of left overs, I know I will be.  I think leftovers will be the feature of many meals over the coming days.

To let your guard down and indulge in the joys of the season is perfectly fine, but when the festivities lull listen to your body and be kind to it. What does it call for? Some delicious leftovers? Absolutely, I mean how often do we get turkey mash with gravy.  But, is something else being asked for? Some fruit and veg with large quantities of water are always welcome and popcorn is a good healthful snack, keep the butter and salt to a minimum and enjoy.


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