We’re Peacocks in Waiting

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PeacockHave you ever complemented someone on a job well done?  How did the person react?  And how did it make you feel?  Giving a genuine complement is one of the wonderful free gifts we can bestow on anyone we come into contact with be they a friend, co-worker, stranger or a loved one.

To compliment someone we must first slow down.  Second, look and find the good in others and finally express our thoughts.  This requires us to draw outside of ourselves and to observe our environment.  In this day of I-pads, I-phones, and other insular gadgets this can be very hard to do, but it’s well worth the effort.

Who doesn’t love to hear when they’ve done something good, when they look nice or when the meal they spent hours or minutes preparing is appreciated.  When we give someone genuine praise we can see them puff up like a peacock.  Their faces brighten, their back straightens and they glow, sometimes red if they’re not used to compliments. This is the joy of communication, a heart felt compliment cause others to radiate energy and happiness.

When I speak of attaining health and happiness one may think I’m referring to achieving this by making healthy food and exercise choices, or by following through on things you say you’ll do or things you want to do.  While these are important it’s the words that roll off our tongue, sometimes with little thought, that have a big impact on others and ultimately on our mental health.

It’s easy to be critical, to condone people’s actions, or to find fault with others, but it’s anything but healthy and won’t build meaningful relationships.  There are times when it’s ok to be critical, I often ask for constructive criticism this helps me to identify areas where I can grow or develop.  The key here is I ask for it.  If someone’s not asking it’s a good rule of thumb not to dish it out.

Compliments are great I love em -when they’re genuine.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about the non-genuine complement just feels wrong. Maybe it’s in the delivery or in what’s said -no matter though- if it’s not a genuine compliment the person on the receiving end will know.

As you go through your day consciously look for the good in others, seek out ways to build them up and to encourage them in their lives. The added bonus is when we praise others we bring out the best in ourselves, who can sit there and watch a peacock without smiling at it’s beauty.

Wishing you a lovely day.  Here’s to health, happiness and all the beauty it adds to the world.

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