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I’m honoured by your presence here!  Below you’ll find information on how I support you to stand in your power and take control of your energy, health, confidence and happiness.  I work with people individually, in group and through DYI programs. If you’d like to set up a discovery session to determine which program is best for you click here.  

If you’re interested in joining the Energy Reboot click here.  We’ll be kicking a new group of on February 14th, 2016.  

So, How are you? Are you tired all the time or do you feel like your life has stalled and your energy has flat lined?  If so, I get it. I used to feel like this too.

But I discovered life doesn’t have to be this way.  I’ve developed a system to feel good again, to get your energy back and to put you in control of your health and happiness aka life.

Are to ready to take action …..
• To get your life and your health back
• To feel energized
• To find the root cause of what’s stealing your health and energy
• To rid yourself of join pain, headaches and bowel issues
• To restore your hormone balance, blood sugar balance and emotional balance
• To go after the life you silently dream of but don’t know how to make it a reality

How would you feel if you got/created the above things? What would your life look like?  Would you be happier, have more freedom and life a fuller existence?

Big questions, hey.

Take a moment to seriously ponder them. I invite you to write you’re answers down because…

You’re answers and YOUR willingness to take action will determine
your future.

What I speak of is not a fairytale, a pipe dream or for others!!

To create a life filled with energy, vitality, confidence, love and happiness, shouldn’t be a dream– it’s your right!

Yet, people walk around tired, irritable, anxious and depressed. Creeping waistlines, insomnia, rising blood sugar and blood pressure levels, bloating and tummy cramps, sore joints and failing memory have become not only common conditions but acceptable conditions, a normal sign of aging.

There’s a pill for everything. Yet, those pills don’t restore health or make you feel good. do they?

Pills aren’t curative, they mask the problem like alcohol and drugs mask problems.  Most people I know are desperately trying to get off their meds or change them up so they feel better.  How about we find out the real reason for the weight gain, the high blood pressure, the depression, the thyroid disease and take positive empowered corrective steps.

How about we start to what expect more, not less, from life, from our bodies?  

Are you ready to leap into the driver seat and take control? Or are you going to hit the wall……..    


What will you decide?

I took my life back I developed a system to do it.  Now, it’s your turn!

When I changed things up and took control of my health, my diet, my dreams, my confidence and my wants and needs everything changed. I created energy and joy I’d forgotten was possible. My passions and zest for life returned. I even mustered the nerve and energy to start a new career.

I stand here before you, holding a hand out, offering a system that will help you in every area of your life.  It starts with step one to get your diet on track.  This will help restore energy, to lose weight if that’s what you need and to clear the fog so you can think clearly.  No age is not a reason for not being able to remember things.  Poor memory is a symptom of a need to bring in lifestyle changes.   Once you’ve moved through phase one we’ll progress to phase two, but for now.  Lets start where you are because this is exactly the right place for you to be.  

Have you had enough…Are you ready?  Will you allow me to help you?

It’s ok, I know it’s scary.   I’ve been where you are, see my about me page, and I’m beyond grateful that I accepted a hand up.  That hand, thank you Amber, provided me a safe place to explore the depths of my life, my wants and desires, it helped me get my confidence and inner strength back.

Strength I needed and you’ll need to be able to take back control, of your life.  To withstand the funny looks and comments as you explore new foods and ways of living.   To stand before the mirror and accept your life and your dreams, and make them your reality.

That exploration was hard, but it gave me my life back and it will give you yours back too.

I have autoimmunity but I live pain free.  I have aneurysms but they don’t control my life. My daughter died but she lives through me and in my heart. I disliked my job but I created a new one.

What is your story, what support do you need?

My life has changed dramatically in just a few months.   I do things today I didn’t think were possible one year ago. Why? Because, I took control of my life, how I think, what I put in my mouth, how I move my body and I consciously seek out positive experiences that will excite me and create energy and passion in my life.  You can have this too!! and sooner than you think. Let’s do this together.

Take my hand.

I work with people individually, in group and DYI programs. If you’re curious about what working with me one on one looks like email me by clicking here.  To join the Energy Reboot  a program designed to help you identify which foods make you feel great and which foods make you feel blah click here.  Foods is medicine find out more about how it uniquely affects you so you can life your best life.